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Clinic 1 Week After Mini-Gastric Bypass

Natural Skin Care for Men – Start Young and Look After Your Skin

Skin problems often start with teenage males because they pretty much only have three things in life to think or worry about; school, acne and girls, maybe not in that order!

Canadian Patient 1 Week After Mini-Gastric Bypass

Patient with Headache after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Most of the time headaches are caused by being dehydrated. Doctors prescribe to stop focusing on over-eating and worry about intake of lots of fluids. Protein obtained from drinking milk also count

66 year old patient 3 years after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Happy patient 1 year after Mini-Gastric Bypass surgery!!

Young Girl 3 yrs after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Happy patient 1 yr after Mini-Gastric Bypass surgery!!

Canadian Revision Patient 1 Year after Mini-Gastric Bypass

5 Days After Mini-Gastric Bypass Back at Work

Woman with Complications after Mini-Gastric Bypass

After Effects Mini-Gastric Bypass

If you are one of the millions of clinically obese individuals facing the prospect of weight loss surgery (some estimates put the number of morbidly obese Americans at 23 million) then the

Dumping Syndrome After Mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB)

Dumping syndrome is something that is usually associated with the RnY gastric bypass procedure. But did you know that you can dump even if you haven’t had any sort of weight loss

Massage – Before, During And After Migraine

There are many different types of headache, such as cluster headaches and migraine. However, the vast majority of headaches are caused by muscular tension with the pain ranging from mild to severe.

How Exercise Improve Your Health After 40

Physical activity ( exercise ) done regularly is something people can and should do for a life time. It helps people feel and function better physically and mentally. Older age is not

17 per cent of weight loss bounced back after 2.7 years

According to the Centre for Nutritional Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, on average, dieters are likely to regain 17 per cent of their weight loss after 2.7 years.   The

Clearer Breathing After Quitting Smoking – Get Your Lungs Refurbished

*** Do Not Quit Smoking! Click Here *** Quitting smoking is one thing, but keeping stopped is another. How many times have I stopped smoking for good? Probably at least 6 times

Weight Gain After Quit Smoking

For many smokers the desire to quit smoking is strong. Yet it seems no matter what they do, they just can’t seem to break this devastating habit. One of the difficulties in

Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

In his blog, Jimmy Moore of the book “Livin La Vida Low Carb”, the author posted about having an excess of 15-20 pounds of “loose skin” after losing 180 pounds of weight.

Terramed Alliance News Younger Breast Cancer Patients Have Greater Chance Of Recurrence, Especially After Certain Treatments

Previous studies have shown that younger breast cancer patients consistently have poorer outcomes than patients who develop the disease later in life, which can translate into lower rates of overall survival. While

Cholesterol. . . Not Bad After All

Do you know that total amount fat and cholesterol in the diet whether high or low, has no real link to heart diseases as widely believed? Rather it is the type of

Florida Attorney 5 days after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Arizona Patient after Mini-Gastric Bypass with Dr Rutledge

No More Diabetes after the Mini-Gastric Bypass, Dr Rutledge

3 Happy Patients 1 Week After the Mini-Gastric Bypass

Nevada Diabetic 1 Year After Mini-Gastric Bypass 2

Happy Las Vegas Patient after Mini-Gastric Bypass

Idaho Patient 6 Days after Mini-Gastric Bypass

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