Whether you're interested in gaining an introduction to herbal medicine or would like to engage a full course of study,
With the demand for alternative and complementary medicine on the rise, individuals that are interested in pursuing herbal medicine careers
Chinese medicine studies are quickly growing in the West as more and more students are seeking this complementary education in
With the development of integrative and complementary medicines, Chinese medicine careers are on the rise. Traditional Chinese medicine including Tuina,
Find Chinese medicine diploma programs in the United States and Canada. Students searching for ways to earn their Chinese medicine
Today's alternative medicine university is on the rise; partly due to the increased interest in alternative and holistic medicine. Now
While alternative medicine training may be considered "alternative" here in the United States, it is taught widely as traditional medicine
Longtime regarded as ineffective by many contemporary medical scientists - exclusivist adepts of modern medicine, herbal medicine (commonly referred to
Many a times when people are being checked for any problems of social anxiety, they are not sure what it
Ready to earn your degree or certificate in Oriental medicine? Today, there are several Oriental medicine programs from which to
Kerala forests are rich with a variety of medicinal plants that usually find its way to several ayurvedic medicines. From
Our world is basically corrupted with sickness and disease. Yeah, you heard me right. Just take a look around. Pop
Find Oriental Medicine Schools in the United States and Canada. Whether your goal is to achieve your Masters in Acupuncture
Find Naturopathic Medicine Schools in the United States and Canada. Naturopathic medicine schools provide a unique and alternative educational path
Find Chinese medicine education in the United States and Canada. Chinese medicine education offered through several acupuncture schools and other
Find Chinese medicine training in the United States and Canada. Today, Chinese medicine training is readily available in America. Students
Find Chinese medicine universities in the United States and Canada. Chinese medicine universities teach healing arts that are derived from
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Find Alternative Medicine Courses in the United States and Canada. Students searching for unique training programs may be intrigued by
Find Alternative Medicine Degree programs in the United States and Canada. Alternative medicine degree programs are on the rise. Partly
Alternative medicine is a practice used to replace conventional alopathy. It involves spritual, religious, metaphysical, innovative approach to healing. Alternative
Medicines are there to eliminate numerous health problems in the body. And with advancement of science and technology, production of
What is alternative medicine? This is a term used to describe the different forms of medicine other than conventional methods.
Homeopathy is a safe, natural form of medicine, based on the practice of treating like with like. Homeopathy is derived
Until recently, there has been a battle between proponents of alternative medicine and believers in conventional medicine. It seemed that
Alternative medicine and alternative therapies are therapeutic practices, which are currently not considered as an integral part of conventional medicine.
Medicinal Herbs Continue As An Alternative To Main Line Pharmaceuticals. Modern medicine and more importantly the pharmaceutical industry have long
Herbal medicine has been used for centuries all around the world. Relegated to the status of folk medicine for years
One Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that Westerners may find intriguing is the breathing discipline called Qigong (also dubbed chi kung
Herbal medicine history literally goes back to the beginning of civilization. and although it is really impossible to know exactly
Find Alternative Medicine Programs in the United States and Canada. With the phenomenal expansion of complementary and holistic therapies, there
Complementary and Alternative Medicine or CAM are diagnostic or therapeutic techniques that are outside the mainstream of Western medicine. Alternative
Ever since the 1970's alternative medicine has become an ever increasing popular choice for patients to consider. There are many
What is Alternative Medicine? The term "Alternative Medicine" is used to describe herbal medicine. People used to consider practices like
Students of the modern age aren't always necessarily "scholars;" in fact, students are both teachers and patients, alike, who are
Of the different types of acne medicine that need a doctor's prescription, antibiotics are probably the most commonly used. How
Though Chinese medicine has been used as a successful approach for over 5,000 years, Western scientific reasoning continues to discuss
Homeopathy is the Science of New Age Healing. The term homeopathy has been derived from Greek words 'homios' meaning similar
If you have been searching for a unique and alternative education, then you need seek no more - as today's
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Although considered to be the primary medical system in China for thousands of years, outside of the Far East Chinese
To find Holistic Medicine Colleges in the United States and Canada is relatively easy. If you're like many aspiring holistic
Find Alternative Medicine Seminars and Workshops in the United States and Canada near you and attend it once. Much like
Herb Medicine becomes more popular each day as the benefits of using herbs becomes available to the general public. The
Alternative forms of medicine are growing in popularity as people try to find a more holistic approach to their health.
Herbal medicine, also known under the names of phytotherapy and herbalism, is a well-defined branch of the ancient alternative medicinal
When your beloved pet is not well, it is but a simple task to go online to seek diagnoses and
Long before orthodox medicine took center stage in the health care practices around the world people who were sick used
Have you ever suffered from a horrible headache when you thought the best remedy might be for someone to bash
The origins of alternative medicine, also known as holistic medicine, can be traced back thousands of years to the very
There has been a surge in recent years of people looking to alternative medicine for treatment of illness. It is
Taking medicine has its risks. In fact, some medicine you take will have more risks than the illness you are
According to Jataka Tales (the stories that tell the life history of Gautama Buddha), Jeevaka, the legendry physician treated Buddha.
All throughout man's civilization, medicine has played a very vital role in maintaining the health of people. In fact, shamans
Natural medicine dates back to ancient civilizations when people always turned to nature for natural therapies that helped their physical
The Truth about Bloating Medicine Of course, bloating medicine is a special concoction of medicines that were created to help
Lots of people take medication without thinking about safety or how their structure will react to the presence. The unlucky
Even though Chinese medicine has been used as an effective method for over 5,000 years, Western scientific proof continues to
Alternative medicine has a number of benefits. It is a practice of consuming a medicine without the use of drugs.
Allergy is an umbrella term embracing all physical body reactions to certain triggering factors; most of the time with the
As a kid I remember that when I would get a tummy ache, my mom would ask me to lie
Earn your professional diploma in the healing arts when you enroll in courses in holistic medicine. Among the subject matter
Alternative medicine is divided into a number of categories, each one having a specific set of theories and principles. Furthermore,
Herbal Medicine, also referred to as Herbalism or Botanical Medicine, is the oldest healthcare known to mankind. Herbal medicine is
Alternative medicine is often described as any form of treatment that differs from conventional medicine. As a method of treating
Complementary Medicine is the use of natural therapy and medicines to restore and maintain health in addition to conventional medicine.
Women suffering with asthma always have doubts that “will asthma medicine harm my child?” As five percent of pregnant women
Holistic medicine is based on healing principles and treatments that are intended to prevent dis-ease; and maintains health and wellness
"Energy medicine is medicine based on the appreciation that living systems have energy fields inside of them and around them
There are different interpretations of what Chinese medicine is. There are those who see it as an alternative medicine, especially
Basic Principles of Complementary/ Alternative Therapies JUST AS MAINSTREAM MEDICINE has a fairly consistent approach to illness, so does al-ternative
Diabetics should look after their feet ( Alternative Medicine ) It is confirmed that the health of diabetic patient's feet
Macronutrients Origins and History Food is the basic resource of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that allow our body to
Medicine balls have been hovering in the corner of the gym for close to 2 centuries.   The first medicine
When you get sick, you go to the doctor. And the doctor will, of course, prescribe medicines. You will go
The history of alternative medicine is a rather interesting one, and has itsorigins in traditional methods of medicine. Alternative medicine
We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests
This is NOT medical advice! You should ALWAYS consult your physician before taking or changing your prescribed treatments and medications.
5000 Year-Old Medical Secret Unearthed! When you get sick, you go to the doctor. And the doctor will, of course,
Many people are suffering insomnia directly from trauma. Since the September 11 ordeal, millions of people each day are finding
The subject of LASIK is a very interesting one. There is a lot to investigate and understand about the process
Sometimes, without doing any activity we end up feeling tired and exhausted. One of the main reasons for this is
According to a report released by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), more than 900 new medicines are
Backache can be considered as one of the most common problems faced by people around the world. It is also
It's not a secret that every single woman (and even man) wants to look nice and attractive. We can't image
According to us blisters are a very common thing and we come across them very often in our daily lives.
Incontinence refers to the inability of a person to control excretory functions such as urination or defecation. Urinary Incontinence (UI)
Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Migraines occur more commonly in women than in men and typically occur
You've hurt your back before and have sworn that you will be more careful. However, unknowingly, you've just hurt your
Chronic back pain afflicts millions of people worldwide. And for those who suffer consistently from sore, stiff, even traumatized back
Maintaining your sterilizer is daily process. If you keep it maintained and follow the manufacturer's recommendations it will prolong the
Since 1995, America's pharmaceutical research companies have made great strides in fighting rare diseases. More than 160 new medicines to
Men and women serving in the military forces may be deployed overseas to a variety of training or reserve areas,
Hoodia is characterized as a genus originating from a plant that, even though it is not in the same family,
LASIK is by far the most prevalent and safest refractive surgery procedure. It has been employed to treat a host
If you are bitten by any animal, be it a pet or a wild one, you need to take necessary
Pre-Surgery Requirements Patients wearing soft contact lenses typically are instructed to stop wearing them approximately 7 to 10 days before
When a young athlete has the condition, he or she usually has a throbbing pain that occurs just below the
Bunion is one of the most common problems faced by many people. It is more common than you can imagine.
Gout is one of the oldest and most painful diseases known to man. In the middle ages a gout patient
Research scientists have spent considerable time investigating the effects of laughter. They have found that laughter can help patients recover
For people who want to have a loved one undergo drug testing or for anyone who just wants to go
Many individuals suffer with seasonal allergies, including hay fever, that affects the nose and eyes. Commonly caused by dust, pollen
Essential Oils are fragrant, liquid products derived from plants. They can be used in a variety of purposes including but
Eyes that are bright and sparkling attract attention. Puffy or red eyes are lack luster and make you look tired
One of the great things about the age in which we live is that we do not have to put
Acute appendicitis is considered to be the most common cause of abdominal pain and distress in children and teenagers worldwide
Longer visual recovery time compared to LASIK laser eye surgery. LASEK laser eye surgery causes dry eye less frequently than
Medical tourism is the act of touring different countries or nations around the world to receive medications like dental, neurosurgery
Have you ever heard of gluing a cut together? The first time I heard about this I was somewhat shocked.
Try to imagine the new medical insurance plan from a detached position. There is an excellent opportunity for seniors sharp
Prevention There is no way to prevent the cold, or any infection from happening, but if you build up a
Have years of smoking made your teeth yellow and darkened the color of your lips? Here are some home remedies
Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. There are two types of leukemia, chronic
There are many forms of pneumonia and the disease generates different symptoms depending on its origin. Pneumonia generally affects both
100 Million Americans have it in their bodies, right now, reeking havoc in every cell. 72 tons of it is
how to navasana boat pose benefits
Navasana is known as the boat pose because when you look at the asana it would resemble a boat. This
Introduction Nail Patella Syndrome (NPS) is a form of rare genetic disorder. It causes impairment of bones, joints, nails and
The stomach is an organ located in the alimentary canal. Its job is often confused with that of the intestine.
Kidney stones are very hard mineral deposits that happen to form in the kidney. They start off like a small
When the airflow through your breathing passage becomes irregular due to obstruction, the soft palate starts flapping. This produces the
Snoring is a problem that affects many people around the globe, but it also has the ability to reach other
Insomnia is a very common complaint among older adults. The condition affects more than 70 million Americans. Some symptoms include
Scabies is a skin condition caused by infestation with microscopic parasite mites. Although it can be acquired by anyone, scabies
If you experience sudden bouts of breathlessness, you are suffering from asthma. When some dust, smoke or the scent of
It is a known fact that overweight and obese people are more prone to excessive sweating as they perspire more.
Here are some interesting LASIK eye surgery terminology and facts. If you are planning on having this type of surgery
Traditional medicines ar secondhand by approximately 60 per penny of the world's universe. These not alone(p) exploited for primary wellness
If you are reading this, then you obviously want to know how to cure sleep apnea. You are not alone.
You have surely heard of hypnosis, and you have probably either seen a demonstration on television or have personally witnessed
Light therapy or phototherapy is an alternative treatment based on light exposure for various disorders. This procedure, which is also
There are three common types of arthritis. They include osteoarthritis (the most common), affecting around 16 million Americans with an
To put it very simply, gout is the inflammation of the joints when excess amounts of uric acid crystallize in
A couple of years back I went on a mountain trip, alone. I had walked the same path before as
Leucatin is a natural product that is said to instantly begin fighting against nail fungus. In addition to ridding the
There is very basic explanation as to why pH balance is so important to our overall health. Your body operates
More than anything, individuals who snore want to learn about the various types of snoring remedies. There are many products
More than 50 million Americans suffer from persistent, chronic pain. Chronic pain is a major health problem that results in
It is an infection which affects the outer ear canal. The technical term for swimmers ear is known as otitis
If you suffer from migraine headaches you know how debilitating they can be. You have probably tried a number of
Umbilical hernia is a very common abnormality of the belly button that occurs in most babies' first years of life.
The Blue Cross is, in actuality, not a single company, but is instead a large conglomeration of companies that make
Snoring is big business. Check out the web and you will find hundreds of sites selling products designed to help
The major cause of gout is the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. The uric acid is a chemical
The highest rate of back pain sufferers is found in the age group of 45 to 64. Incidentally, this is
Blood pressure, insomnia, cancer, kidney diseaseand back pain. All these diseases are like football players; each complementing the other. Their
Baby's skin is the most sensitive and soft. At some time or another, most of babies do come down with
Sprains are mainly caused due to stretching or tearing of ligaments resulting in restriction of your movement. The prime reason
What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a type of fat (lipid) made by the body. About 80% of cholesterol is made
LASIK is the one of the most prevalent corrective eye surgery procedures, chosen by many to alleviate their vision troubles.
Before we talk about the benefits of a Clean Colon, we first need to properly define what the Colon is
You walk into a moderately business office sit down a chair in a well-dressed lobby and wait for your name
For those of you that don't know Lasik stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. In Lasik the surgeon cuts a
They tell me my diagnosis is pretty common, that millions of Americans suffer with low back pain. I've also heard
Fever blisters or cold sores are small red blisters that usually appear on the lips and outer edges of the
Do you ever feel like you know just enough about Hip Replacements to be knowledgeable? Let's see if we can
We rich person been in homeopathic practice now for over 20 days. We remember the first time we attended a
Though it is the most prevalent of laser eye surgeries, LASIK has its share of complications. The post-operative complication rate
Though LASIK is a safe and effective procedure, with the latest technological equipment at its disposal, it is simply not
With so many choices, it may seem very difficult to select a sleep apnea treatment that actually works. Any individual
The refractive state of your eye can be improved and you can decrease the need for wearing glasses through Refractive
While it is true that physical beauty is just skin deep, it is still no reason why people, particularly women,
Boil is a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue in the skin. It starts off as reddened tender
EKGs can assist doctors in diagnosing and determining any current or past heart abnormalities and are often a regular screening
Sore throat ailment is widespread during winter months and viral outbreaks. Signaling the onset of cold or flu, it is
Laser surgery was approved in 1995 for vision correction. Since that time, improvements in technology and techniques have made it
Years ago when worked in a small clinic the MD's stated; January, February March..the busiest time of the year. After
If you live in North America you likely have seen the television commercials featuring an intentionally sappy character named "Smiling
One goal you may want to set this year is to understand your health plan rules, especially those for prescription
Studies show that insomnia affects approximately 75 million people in the United States. Insomnia can present itself in a couple
Microdermabrasion is a ventilation technique for the skin that helps repair facial tissue that has perhaps taken a beating from
If you have poor eyesight and you have worn eyeglasses or contact lenses all your life, then you might want
If you suffer from snoring, you are not only missing out on a quality night's sleep, but your family's rest
Bronchitis is a disease of the lungs commonly found in smokers and those who live in polluted areas. There are
The process of diagnosing appendicitis is very challenging to doctors. The symptoms of appendicitis have an unspecific character and don't
We all love our hair and would not mind taking that extra step to take care them. For beautiful, lustrous
If you have a snoring problem, you may be the last to realize it. Your spouse will likely be the
Medicare prescription drug coverage is now available to all people with Medicare. Everyone with Medicare can join a Medicare drug
Before an intervention is called, I will go ahead and openly admit that I have a problem. I am addicted
I seldom have a sleepless night but remember an occasion when I had difficulty falling asleep. Being awake when I
Lasik surgery is a procedure that is designed to reduce an individual's dependency on the use of contact lenses or
Asthma is a serious lung disease effecting over 20 million people in the US alone. An asthma attack is caused
It's an emerging trend, and one that many patients find confusing and uncomfortable: their primary doctor doesn't visit them in
What can go Wrong? Early Postoperative Complications A subconjunctival hemorrhage is a common and minor post-Lasik complication. The incidence of
There are a number of methods used to surgically correct eyesight nowadays but the most popular choice is Lasik (Laser-Assisted
Many people as they age take aspirin to help prevent heart attack and stroke. But a recent study found that
In recent years changes in diet and lifestyle in many western societies have led to an increase in the number
A person suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction needs help immediately. Without it, it is highly likely he will
Considering LASIK? Expect your stay at the laser eye surgery center to be approximately 2 hours. However, the actual laser
If you have hurt your neck in any way, the best thing to do is rest. Lie back with an
The years of teaching high impact aerobics are catching up with me. Sure it's been great for the ticker, but
One of the easiest ways to deal with muscle spasm is to have a hot bath or shower. You can
Often times called ophthalmic surgery, eye surgery, is a surgical procedure that is preformed on the eye or eye region.
Most women would love to know if there was a natural yeast infection cure. If your yeast infection is not
Medical Statistics say that in nearly 50 per cent of people, teeth are irregular, crooked or not aligned. With advances
Massage oil is a great addition to any massage experience. It enhances not only the relaxing nature of the massage
Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) describes a cluster of symptoms that involve many systems of the body. The following bacteria commonly
Nail fungus is a problem that affects many individuals, each of whom are searching to find a remedy. Lamisil is
A common source of worry for many people on Medicare is their ability to afford the prescription drugs they need
First of all, you cannot completely get rid of cellulite. I don't say that to discourage you but rather to
Without being on war we can spill blood in our very home. A simple chore like shaving can cause severe
Irritable bowel syndrome - As the name suggests affects your bowel which is also your large intestine. It is an
It is one of the commonest problems faced by many women. Men can get away by shaving their beard, moustache
"The good news is I feel much, much better after taking the course you prescribed and I thank you very
Although it's quite common for most people to have an occasional sleepless night, lack of sleep on a regular basis
Morgagni hernia is a type of hernia that occurs due to congenital abnormalities at the level of the retroxiphoid area.
Aromatherapy Goes 'High Tech' New methods of essential oil extraction are entering the mainstream of aromatherapy, offering new choices in
The root for the word Holism goes back to Early Greek, meaning that 'properties of a system cannot be determined
Quite a common skin problem, Athlete's foot affects mostly men and young people. This skin problem can be found in
Drug and alcohol tests vary testing is required for most driver's license applicants and before a driver's license renewal. Nevertheless,
All drugs are dangerous. Before a person suffering with a migraine headache takes an over-the-counter medication they should be asking
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a serious condition and is often dubbed the "silent killer" because it can do
Leucoderma is a rare skin disease characterized by white spots and patches. The white patch or spot is called as
LASIK is the most commonly performed refractive surgery procedure and stands for Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. Owing much to the
Various tests conducted in the US and other countries prove that there are several effective natural herbs and supplements that
Even with the tremendous emphasis on diet, fitness, and nutrition in our society, the problem of obesity is increasing throughout
Snoring is a troublesome, annoying noise made by a person during sleep due to improper breathing. Almost 30% of the
Stress leads the list of all psychological triggers for migraine headaches and may be the most common migraine trigger of
The delightful benefits of massage don't appear out of nowhere. The immediate soothing effects of massage and the long term
Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty in professional medical language, is a cosmetic procedure during which excess fat and skin along
There is no question that conservative therapy is the best option for those suffering with a Repetitive Strain Injury. From
For people who are suffering from insomnia, there is nothing so important as finding a good insomnia treatment. After all,
* What is hypnosis? Hypnosis, in general, is a psychological situation wherein an individual shows signs of changes in the
In most cases laser eye surgery is safe. But, like any other surgical procedure there are certain risks that need
The most common reasons for knee surgery are arthritis and injury. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that slowly wears away
Snoring is a big problem and can be an even bigger problem if not treated quickly. Sleepless nights, irritability, a
LASIK is referred to the surgery performed on the human eye to reshape the cornea, which eventually produces clearer vision
LASIK is the most prevalent of all refractive eye surgery procedures. Though it's quite intricate when we take into account
LASIK is a surgical procedure that is capable of correcting a wide range of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.
Up-to-date athletic trainers and athletes like medicine ball training because it appears to be more specific to their preferred athletic
Arthritis is a general term describing over 100 different conditions that cause pain, stiffness and (often) inflammation in one or
With passage of time, many of us do not realize the amount of wear and tear our body goes through.
Victims of frequent headaches often take painkillers frequently. And when their headaches occur even more often, they respond by taking
Diet drugs are available in several different forms, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements. When choosing a diet
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates medical devices in the U.S. The FDA keeps extensive databases on these
Is a mother's love, medicine Minus all meningitis thoughts. The flu symptons were strong. Headache,burning fever and sore throat. So
What causes foot pain? There are many factors that contribute to foot pain Wearing shoes that do not fit properly
Degenerative disc disease from osteoarthritis of the back can cause you extreme pain and suffering. There are a few ways
Many women have found that special menopause diets can minimize the symptoms of menopause and make the change of life
When his hair stylist switched to an indigenous hair dye he developed severe itching, erythema, crusting, and pustules on the
Massage melts are a unique body product because they stay solid at room temperatures, but when applied directly to your
Are you unable to maintain an erection firm enough to last throughout an intercourse? Is dysfunction erectile impotence challenging the
You have visited a study group, bought a homeopathic over-the-counter remedy or investigated the use of a single remedy on
LASIK is a surgical procedure that can reduce a person's dependency on glasses or contact lenses. The procedure permanently changes
Allergies may seem quite a nuisance but few know that it is actually an attempt by our body to save
Giving rise to a plethora of services that have significantly changed the way we live, work and shop, the internet
Diabetes is a disease caused when the body does not properly produce insulin. Seven percent of the population in the
Hypothyroidism is a condition under which production of thyroid hormone is far less than usual. The purpose of thyroid hormone
Although there are a lot of positive things to be said when it comes to herbal medicine, is still an
Angioedema, which is also called by others as Quincke's edema, is the swelling occurring in the tissue under the skin's
Flu is a respiratory infection caused by a variety of flu viruses. Flu is contagious and if you're around someone
The other name for Jock Itch is Tinea Cruris. This is an embarrassing infection to reveal. It is a skin
Eczema can be a burden. It is a skin condition that can range in severity from dry, red patches on
What is Lasik Surgery? Lasik, an acronym for Laser-assisted, is a form of refractive laser eye surgery procedure performed by
Laser eye surgery is a medical procedure consisting of the use of laser for reshaping the surface of the cornea.
Lycopene is a bright red carotenoid pigment, a phytochemical found in tomatoes and other red fruits. Lycopene is the most
With Medicare's new prescription drug coverage program, "Part D," you could pay $5 or less for many of your prescription
Many sufferers would applaud knowing the best cure for snoring, but just what exactly works and what does not? Experts
Lice infest people of all ages, rich or poor. Lice prefer clean hair because their nits (eggs) stick to cleaner
Home Remedies - Facts or Quacks? That's what I recently asked myself. Myths and legends are often based on ancient
High blood pressure is a condition that is usually monitored among aging people but the young ones should not take
Joint pain is the most common symptom of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, both of which are chronic diseases that can
A bee sting is very painful. To give you a sting a bee loses its life. It leaves a venomous
You go to your doctor's office for a routine check-up. Everything is fine but your cholesterol is a little high.
Attending the doctor is no fun, particularly if your visit is because of a particular complaint, rather than a timely
Allergic rhinitis is often also called nasal allergy, pollinosis or hay fever, especially when it occurs during the haying season.
I no longer miss work to go to the doctor. I no longer wait hours sitting in a doctors office
Scabies is a very contagious skin condition that occurs due to infestation with parasitic mites. The mite responsible for causing
Dear Dr. Seckel, Is eyelid rejuvenation the same as reducing circles and drooping under the eyes? I'm not sure about
It is important to pay attention to the signs of appendicitis if you suspect that you might be suffering from
Inguinal hernia is a common type of hernia that occurs in the region of the groin. The disorder usually generates
Hemorroids represent one of the most common colorectal complaints heard by family physicians. Each year approximately 10.5 million Americans experience
Gas means different things to different people. When people complain of gas, they usually mean - frequent belching of air
As the name suggests bloodshot eyes makes your eyes blood colored. The blood vessels in the white portion of the
Sickle cell anemia is a lifelong, chronic disease that affects over 72,000 people in the United States. In most cases,
Different kinds of ailments attack your eyes causing eye infection. It can be due to many reasons but some of
There is no known cure for the pain that arthritis sufferers experience, although it is possible to obtain medicine that
Metatarsal stress fractures or a bone spur can cause pain at the top of the foot. A bone spur is
LASIK is an efficient and fairly innocuous procedure. It is capable of treating several refractive errors, such as myopia, hyperopia
How to treat skin problems home remedies
There are many reasons for your skin to become oily for e.g. hereditary, pregnancy, environment, food we eat and many
The Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce would command himself to engage in out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences through self-hypnosis. Under a
Finding the right LASIK MD should not be very difficult if you know what to look for and more importantly
The special thing about headaches is that by outward appearance, you may not appear to suffer from any disease. Only
Teeth are an amazing balance of form and function, aesthetic beauty and engineering. Good teeth are an important part of
What's Lurking Beneath The Waves? People often seek ocean vacations to escape their winter woes. Ocean dangers do exist, especially
His state of the art dentist's office provides general, cosmetic, restorative and laser dentistry with spa amenities to ensure your
Joints are the areas where two or more bones meet. Most joints are mobile, allowing the bones to move. Joints
Poor diet, lack of exercise, intense weight training and some simple activities like public speaking can make your blood pressure
Many individuals suffer from Bursitis each and every year. Fortunately, there are treatment methods to help the pain and allow
When you experience nausea or vomiting while being in an airplane, automobile or any rides from an amusement park it
Antioxidants have been widely praised in the media. Many know they are linked with anti-aging properties. However this is not
For many it may just be one part of diet through desserts but, Honey is lot more than that. It
Sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinus passage and over secretion of mucus by the membrane lining the nose and
LASIK eye surgery is a medical procedure using a laser on the eye of a patient who has eyesight problems.
LASIK is a safe and efficacious refractive surgery procedure. It is also the most prevalent of all refractive eye surgery
Today, eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia are running rapid. If a person intentionally starves him or herself yet
People who get chronic back pain will tell you that it is a life-altering ailment. It has serious implications on
The sheer number of different eye corrective surgeries available can be overwhelming at times. And since the matter concerns the
The aim of any blood pressure treatment is to remove the pressure, positive or negative, and restore the blood to
Are you depressed because you are suffering from colon dysfunctions like constipation or chronic diarrhea? You are not alone in
Migraine headaches are described as being of a recurrent nature. They are characterized by certain symptoms that precede the actual
Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. Many people suffer from it either temporarily or as a chronic problem.
Getting rid of cellulite When you think of cellulite, you probably think of ugly 'orange peel skin' and 'cottage cheese
A medicine ball is a great workout tool. It looks simple but its versatility is unmatched. What you do with
We've all seen the commercials, read the advertisements and wondered if it really works. The latest craze in teeth whitening
There is more to gastric bypass than merely controlling stomach size. During gastric bypass surgery, a large portion of the
Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years in almost all cultures of the world. The technique was invented mostly
Milk thistle has been used in Europe for over 2000 years for the treatment of liver problems. It is native
Endometriosis is one of the main reasons for female infertility. It affects nearly 5 to 10 per cent women and
Let's face it. Nobody is really immune to having acne from time to time. Don't blame your French fries. Don't
Shingles is commonly seen in elderly people, but on occasion it is detected among young people too. It comes from
Laser Eye Surgery What are your expectations? The success of laser eye surgery (as with any elective surgery), is measured
Home Remedies - Facts or Quacks? In a previous article we looked at several possible definitions of a home remedy,
More and more, health-conscious individuals are turning to flax seed and it's inherent flax seed oil as a natural, affordable
Snoring can be difficult for both the sufferer and his/her family. Sleep disruptions are very common in a household where
I remember as a child watching a wonderful movie called "Animals are Beautiful People." The movie is about the different
Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest therapeutic forms. It involves stroking, pressing, and kneading different areas of
Laryngitis is the aggravation of your vocal chords in the larynx. It also causes swelling around the voice box area,
There is a wide range of medical supplies available today. It is important though that before you buy your supplies
If you have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), you may be wondering what next? Below you will find
Prescription medication is vital to the practice of medicine. How often have you gone to the doctor for a problem
In persons who are fairly normal these changes may be brought about very quickly by regulation of the diet and
Living aids are a small device that spend their time in most cases inside and behind the ear of an
How do you get Diabetes? There are two main types of diabetes mellitus. These are known as type 1 and
Natural supplements are gaining popularity as they work towards improving many aspects of health and well-being. There are supplements available
What is Narcolepsy? Narcolepsy is a chronic Neurological Disorder which is caused by the brains inability to regulate sleep cycles.
Hair loss is a very sad occurrence that is experienced by people both young and old. It has been a
That cute little kitten or lovable dog that your child (or partner) can't live without could be making them very
Heading to a spa for an all-out cleanse may not always be possible, fortunately there's plenty we can do ourselves
One of the most common parasites to be found on our body is the head lice (Pediculus capitis). We are
Sleep apnea doesn't have to control your life. In fact, there are steps that you can take today in order
Natural therapeutics is as old as mankind itself, conveying itself in many ancient religions and cultures. Recently it has been
Unlike third degree burns that require immediate medical attention, small everyday household burns are easy to handle. No matter how
If you are a male over the age of 40 and are suffering from weakness, impotence, pain, stiffness, drooping muscles,
I, Hepatic Porphyrias, primarily affect the nervous system, which can result in: abdominal pain, vomiting, acute neuropathy, seizures, and mental
Bruxism or teeth grinding is one of most damaging forms of dental disorders. This condition is usually difficult to detect
Glasses might be a popular fashion accessory, but there is no fun in wearing them out of necessity. Lasik, or
In general, an addiction to smoking can be a very difficult one to overcome. Depending on how long you've smoked,
Many of us may not know this, but perspiration by itself is odorless. When sweat comes in contact with bacteria
The basis of our lifestyle is based on mutual trust. We have faith that our government will do its best
If you are a regular user of prescription medications, you know that these drugs can be costly to purchase. Cutting
Are you a junk food freak or a die hard fan of soft drinks? Or do you prefer a diet
Being the largest organ of our body, it is hardly surprising that the skin takes much of people's attention, care
More than 45 million Americans, or one in seven, need help paying for their medicine, and many are not aware
Angina is also called as angina pectoris and this gives you chest pains which are very painful and can cause
Are you irritated by your itchy scalp? Do friends and officemates make fun of you because you always scratch your
Anal fissure is an injury in the anus. This injury is either a cut or a tear in the canal
Medically speaking, gastric ulcer or peptic gastric ulcer is a damage on the normal tissues that line the stomach. It
As a counseling psychologist, I enjoy a variety of clients each day with a variety of needs. I see couples
By epidemiological studies and by direct trials, much evidence has by now been gathered about the cancer prevention effects of
There are scientific advancements that look promising for preventing and even reversing the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease
There is some evidence that family members of workers heavily exposed to asbestos face an increased risk of developing mesothelioma.
Angina attack is different from heart attack but it seems similar due to its chest-crushing severity. It lasts for about
There are many tomato lovers all over the world and they would be more than happy to know the importance
You are an avid animal lover. Dogs and cats are the most favoured animals. But at times they are not
In order to truly comprehend the effect of laser eye surgery, we must first consider the vision anomalies that it
My daughter has worn glasses since being 8 years old. She switched to contact lenses at 16. She is 21
The stethoscope that is worn around the ears of any health professional, doctor or nurse may look simple, but it
Our immune system is our main fighter against anything foreign in our bodies. It protects us from diseases by recognizing
There are a lot of helpful measures that you can take in order to prevent urinary incontinence. Maintaining adequate hydration
When you get sick, you go to the doctor. And the doctor will, of course, prescribe medicines. You will go
INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE As a medical biochemist I have been working for many years side by side with medical doctors toward
Holistic medicine is health care that comprises all the aspects of one' s personality to obtain the optimum state of
Copyright (c) 2009 Stephen Lau Chinese medicine is one of the most sophisticated medical systems in the world. It has
Herbs have been used for healing purposes and to promote wellness since from the ancient times. Nowadays, herbal medicines, and
Herbal Medicine is a form of alternative medicine based on the use of plants in the form of herbal supplements,
Did you know that over 180,000 people search for information on acne everyday, out of which 77,000 want to know
Find Herbal Medicine Schools in the United States and Canada. Herbal medicine schools instruct students in the essentials of herbalism
Find Chinese medicine doctor programs in the United States and Canada. Chinese medicine doctors offer health and wellness services that
Find Chinese Medicine Colleges in the United States and Canada. While Chinese medicine may be considered "alternative" medicine in the
Find Alternative Medicine Colleges in the United States and Canada. If you are drawn to complementary and alternative medicine, you
Alternative medicine is a term to describe healing practice that is beyond conventional medicine. A few popular form of highly
Herbal Medicine: What herbal medicine can treat and how safe and effective is it? In part I of this article
Become a licensed acupuncturist, Tuina therapist, or Oriental medicine doctor when you choose to pursue some of the unique careers
Anyone who suspects he or she is sick from recurring depression must seek a check-up and prescribed depression medicine from
In the event your doctor has prescribed any acid reflux medicine for you, while you ought to follow his instructions
Ayurstate is an ayurvedic supplement geared towards promoting optimal prostate health. The product is based on ayurveda which is considered
Indian jajoba oil for hair loss treatment
Natural hair loss remedies is easy and not expensive. Ancient medical practitioners of India had answers to common hair problems
Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction problem in men have gained immense popularity in the past largely due to their high
An Alternative Treatment for skin diseases, acnes, pimples In alternative medicine acne, pimples and itching are not necessarily seen as
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," wrote the eminent Greek physician Hippocrates during the dawn of
Injuries are probably the most common health problem. From a simple cut or bruise to severe and life threatening concussion,
(NaturalNews) There's a new vaccine for nicotine addiction, and another one for drug addiction. There's an AIDS vaccines (which doesn't
ObamaCare for Investors 101: Part B Information (OCR), Transformation (VAR) and ObamaNation - The Takeover Basket (ECLP, EM, SXCI, CERN,
Painkiller addiction is common nowadays. It is heard here and there often. Since painkillers are used mainly as medicine, it
You have a dog and you love it very much. But you are also aware of the fact that there
Online pharmaceuticals give medicine buyers easy means to get their medications. After receiving the necessary note from your physician, you
Natural health is a viable way to help make improvements to our lives. It is never late to start making
loose vagina tighten it
In recent years natural medicine has gained in immense popularity largely due to the absence of any side effects associated
Generic Cipro is the anti-infection medicine that helps to cure the bacterial infections. Whatever may be the cause of the
Most women who have small breasts suffer from low self confidence and an inferiority complex as it is well known
According to a recent survey one in every ten men will suffer from prostate related problem at some point in
Brain is very important for an individual. It is the key to several factors, including memory, planning, development of ideas
There are a lot of treatments for lower back pains. Depending what the cause of the pain might be traditional
Online pharmacies are all the rage in buying medicine, what with the ease people can get pills over the much-glorified
Medical technology is that branch of medicine which deals with the technical apparatus associated with the treatment and diagnosis of
The body can withstand a lot of stresses such as heavy exercise or extreme physical activity in work, however when
Ninety-nine percent of us use drugs, which can be prescribed like penicillin and Prozac, over-the-counter medicine or recreational drugs, both
The physiology in Ayurveda is unique because it is based upon the three doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food". This was of course
Lots of golf fitness training programs include "functional training", which means they deal with all the muscles in the body.
We provide online drugs, such as Viagra Sildenafil Citrate for Erectile Dysfunction(ED). Generic name for Viagra is Sildenafil, used to
Almost 70% of the world's population is still dependent on alternative form of medicine. For example ayurveda which is the
Teeth whitening is one of the principal reasons that bring people to the dentist. Many of them are interested in
For most of us, being an "open book" to others is not desirable and traditionally, blushing is associated with being
In one of the most promising developments in more than 20 years, scientists claim that drugs used to control HIV/AIDS
Hernia generally involves penetration of the internal organs through the protective muscle walls that surround them. Depending on the organs
If you want a cure for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer, or diabetes, don't count on the academia, the National Institute
Many forms of Eczema treatments exist to help combat the inflammation, itching, and discharges associated with the very uncomfortable and
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD, is the medical term for what most people refer to as acid reflux disease. Gastroesophageal
Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease giving painful points in muscles and joint areas, stiffness and problems of neurological art like
The other day, I had a female customer bring in her bag of supplements. It was a rather large bag
First things first, respirators are primarily used to protect individuals - especially workers from any air contaminants especially if there
The Role of Chiropractic in Treatment Beyond the Resolution of Symptoms Do you have the same nagging injury that never
All employers have a duty of care to protect the safety and welfare of all employees whilst at work or
For individuals suffering from insomnia, sleepless night stretch endlessly and offer no relief to exhausted individuals. We as humans need
Flax seed has been popping up out of nowhere lately. Why you might ask? Well because of its many health
Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of the arteries, the vessels that carry blood away from
Studies show that one-tenth of the American population is hearing-impaired. Over the years, hearing aids have helped a great deal
If you are planning to down Chitoson in a bid to lose weight fast, read on first! You may be
Hepatitis C is an infection with the hepatitis C virus. It causes liver to swell which affects its functioning. Hepatitis
Eczema is an inflammatory, chronic, noncontagious disease of the skin caused by allergy and hypersensitivity. The term is loosely used
TLC Laser Eye Centers is a premier provider of LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures. The group boasts highly experienced
By hemorrhoids the veins in or around the anus, or in the lower rectum are swollen and often also inflamed.
No single cause for lower back pain can be defined in isolation. It is because the types of back pains
Insomnia is basically a person's lack of ability to get good nights sleep for days and weeks on end. When
I originally thought that massage therapy would be a gentle, soothing massage that would lessen the ever present tightness in
Alcoholism is a serious illness that is treatable, but the first step toward an alcoholism cure is to realize there
Eczema, an itchy inflammation of the skin, effects many people in different forms, with one of the most common being
Herbs are used to detoxify the body from waste and toxins. Herbal medicines including dietary fibers were not fully recognized
Everyone wants to know how to find the best stop snoring solutions. Rather than using the trial and error method,
It begins at home and is only fitting that it is treated at home. There are a number of home
Efficacy of pulse dye laser therapy for the treatment of ulcerated haemangioma s: a revie w of 78 patients. This
There was a time when mankind used to roam this earth barefoot. But now thinking about doing the same may
Hemorrhoids are a very common medical problem affecting both men and women. It is estimated that over 80% of Americans
Commonly abbreviated as Hb, Hemoglobin, or Heamoglobin, is the iron containing oxygen in our red blood cells which transport metalloproteins.
Many people get headaches as a response to physical strain, cramped muscles, and pinches nerves. These muscular headaches can be
Strep throat is an illness that commonly accompanies flu or cold. Although it commonly affects children, strep throat can occur
Hepatitis B is a caused by a virus named hepatitis B virus. This virus is similar to hepatitis C as
Inguinal hernia is a very common disorder, affecting millions of people in the United States alone. Considered to be a
Once the kidneys are detoxified, a healthy flow of nutrients are free to make their way to the scalp where
It's true that there are a lot of eye corrective procedures available to patients. The sheer variety of surgical procedures
Some health care providers prefer the insulin pump because its slow release of insulin mimics how a normally working pancreas
During the last several years, a great deal of pharmaceutical research has focused on the use of fluorinated compounds In
According to statistics, an average person walks around 6500 km in his lifetime. So you can imagine how much stress
Home remedies are terrific for many things, but did you also know that there are home remedies for snoring? They
Flax Improves Memory too! Doctors generally believe that the best way to treat mood, thought, and memory disorders is with
Genital warts are bad. If they form in a bunch on your genitals, you will have a very bad time
The alternative name given to itching is pruritus. It is a very common phenomenon which can bothers an animal as
The word 'Kinesis' in Greek means movement and Kinesiology studies the relationship between the quality of muscular movement and overall
Genital warts form on the male genitalia, female genitalia (both inside and outside) and near anus. They may appear singly
When looking at drug use, drug abuse, drug dependency and drug addiction, one finds that there are many divergent opinions
Despite all the concern about fat in our diet, the body does require healthy fats and oils to function. The
LASIK, or "laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis," is the most common refractive surgery procedure. Refractive surgeries, including LASIK, reshape the cornea
Drug Treatment Recovery Healing My friend Susan was going on vacation for a month and asked me to substitute for
Candidiasis is an infection caused by the over-growing of the fungus called Candida albicans. These fungus normally grows in the
Evening primrose is an indigenous plant to North America. The flowers have a strong, sweet scent, and only bloom at
At one time, little could be done for people with heart disorders, and for those who suffered from a heart
Many people ask us what is the most effective hairloss treatment. Well, like any good question there is more than
For many years since perhaps the dawn of mankind, our diets have always been rich in fruits and vegetables. Man
No plant on earth grows under more stressful conditions than does the goji. It was not surprising when scientists found
It's true that LASIK can eliminate a person's dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses. It can correct a variety of
Where the appendage terminates, the hand begins. This portion of the arm on both humans and other primates is what
Most people are unaware that the use of Botox for the prevention of migraine headaches came about purely by accident.
Question: Do narcissists also suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa? Answer: Patients suffering from eating
It is a very common event in everyone's life to see swollen or bleeding gums when you get up to
Before getting into the merits of the case, it is necessary to find out a little about generic drugs. When
In the last five years it has been reported that there has been a major increase in people suffering from
You known you're allergic when you react to certain substances you've been exposed to before. For instance, you may have
A part of the brain called the hypothalamus acts as the body's thermostat. When all is well in the body,
Edema once known as dropsy is an evident case of swelling of your organs or tissue due to collection of
If you had a tool to help enhance memory and concentration, would you be interested in learning more? The good
For many years carbohydrates and sugars were considered a bad and unnecessary addition to the diet. With the advent of
In the past, as the names of these earlier procedures indicate, undergoing a hair transplant was a painfully unpleasant process.
The Viagra alternatives appear to be equally effective in restoring erectile ability and contain a blend of different herbs, amino
Gastric bypass surgery is a common form of weight loss surgery that results in outstanding weight loss with minimal side
- Blackberries Blackberry is packed with catechin and epicatechin. These two compounds neutralize free radicals that damage cell's genetic material
If you have the tendency to inherit diabetes, you must read this and always be aware of the symptoms of
As the lone most public viral affliction that strikes people today, the public cold is forever looking for new victims.
Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is characterized by a red itchy rash that is scaly and is oozing in
Many people are having problems with their weight. These weight problems are the results of a person's eating habits. In
Let's begin by learning some facts in order to separate truth from myth with regards to back pain. First of
It can be termed as one of the most unhygienic things we come across humans. It is more prevalent among
Food poisoning is caused by eating organisms or toxins present in food or drinks. Staphylococcus or E. coli is one
Ever had an enema? Do you suffer from constipation? If you suffer from abdominal cramps, bloating and some diarrhea then
At its basic foundation, family systems theory holds that clients with any mental health diagnosis, addiction or substance abuse disorder,
There are a variety of herbs for hemorrhoids that work as well, and often better, than over the counter and
Our body has given has sufficient means to protect us from problems which we may face in our daily life's.
If you suffer from fibromyalgia, it is possible that you will benefit from a carefully constructed exercise program. However, those
Public misunderstanding of the specific function of eye doctors is widespread. Other health experts such as the nurse can clarify
LASIK is a well-renowned refractive surgery procedure, and hence often takes center stage in a lot many discussions pertinent to
Gastroenteritis means inflammation of stomach as well as the gastrointestinal tract. It is also known as stomach flu. It can
Fibromyalgia syndrome is a disorder of the musculoskeletal system. The cause is unknown, but the name actually means pain in
Insomnia is defined as difficulty in sleeping, or disturbed sleep patterns leaving the perception of insufficient sleep. There are many
When I was a boy we lived in the Ghettoes of Toronto, Canada. We had just immigrated from Trinidad and
The medicinal herbs play an important role in curing people from various ailments including stress. Stress is supposed to be
Depression is a severe medical condition, one that is brought about by a chemical imbalance in the brain that leads
Gastric bypass surgery is the latest medical technique in the field of controlling obesity and obesity related diseases. Weight loss
Constipation may not be a topic that comes up in casual conversation. But if it did, you might be surprised
Finding out about Laser Eye Surgery is a very simple process. The Internet and your ophthalmology surgeon are your two
Devil Facial Tumour Disease is a term used to describe a fatal condition in Tasmanian devils which is characterised by
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new custom lasik procedure in September of 2005. This new procedure can
Prescription prices are skyrocketing out of control. The average person is now spending over $250 a month at the pharmacy
There is a substantial difference in snoring and sleep apnea but, ironically, the treatments are much the same. It is
Migraine headaches affect millions of individuals around the world. They are extremely painful and hard to bear. Migraines can last
In all the studies of Mangosteen and Xantones I could not find one report on how it helps RSD! What
It can be stated as a burning feeling which keeps bothering you now and again. This happens mainly because due
Herbal HGH - the natural advantage With the increased awareness that people have developed about the role of the naturally
The process referred to as dual diagnosis is one that describes people that have been diagnosed with a mental illness
You wake up one morning and you decided that you have had enough of being obese! You have a very
There was some news last week from the Center for Disease Control that some head lice are becoming harder to
Employers in the last decade found it hard to rely on drug testing to ensure that they are hiring employees
Do you snore? If not, perhaps someone that you know suffers from this nighttime nuisance. Sleepless nights, personality changes, irritability
A detox diet plan is not aimed at weight loss. It aims to cleanse and revitalize the body by combining
An ever growing number of people who wear contact lenses are turning to using extended wear contact lenses. There are
The most common surgery for obesity is gastric bypass. The gastric bypass results in an effective resolution of major illnesses
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI's) that occur at work are best eliminated at the source; this is the fundamental goal of
Hay fever has been given many different names such as allergic rhinitis, pollinosis or nasal allergies. You can contract hay
It's normal for parents to be concerned about their children's health and well-being. But Tammy Crane, mother of 21-year-old Garrett,
Imagine a headache so bad that the slightest noise or glimpse of light will increase the already intense pain and
While some have to fight the battle of the bulge for mere shallow reasons, there are those who do all
Asthma treatment is a growing field in the health care community. Because so many people, particularly children, are being diagnosed
Urinary tract infection (UTI) can be in any part of the urinary tract The urethra, the bladder, the ureters and
Once upon a time, we used to turn to our parents or grandparents when something was wrong with our little
Stories of garlic being used to protect us from the fanged-tooth 'Darcula' may not be of a great help in
Dry Eye Syndrome is a very common phenomenon causing lots of problems to millions of people all over the world.
As a chronic pain sufferer myself, being diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back, along with bone disc
Strep throat is inflammation of the throat, tonsils and lymph nodes due to infection with group A streptococcus bacteria. Strep
Mold exposure does not always present a health problem indoors. However some people are sensitive to molds. These people may
Hemorrhoids are actually varicose veins in the anus and rectum. They occur when blood vessels that are either inside the
Many American women are in charge of their family's routine health care. They take their children to see the doctor
Bowel habit is a topic we seldom pick up even in our close circle, but we all secretly admit the
There is nothing like trying to find the perfect anti-snoring device, but ultimately finding yourself lost in a sea of
Heartburn is described as a burning sensation that can be felt in the chest specifically at the lower sternum. Such
Many medications today, both prescribed and over the counter, carry a risk of dangerous side effects and can be very
Tylenol is one of the most common pain-relievers on the market today. It is a well-trusted brand name, not only
Hairloss has always existed and people have always suffered from it. More than that, People have started inventing hairloss treatments
In order to understand why these simple home remedies can help, we need to look first at the possible causes
According to The Navhind Times dated 8th May 2006, USA is unprepared for the Bird Flu pandemic. A fact that
The word jaundice is derived from a French word called as jaune, which means yellow. It is a very common
- Bananas - Mother Nature's perfect snack. No preparation, no washing or refrigeration. They are prepackaged in a biodegradable wrapper
Asthma allergy is the number one form of allergy today. And since asthma allergy is inherited, one can get it
Genital warts are a type of wart that are only found on your private parts of the body. The genital
Enema is a process in which any kind of liquid mostly non-hazardous is administered in your system through your backside
Anti aging herbs are widely used to slow down the aging process. These natural herbs assist in normal blood circulation,
"It's not what you eat, it's what's eating you that counts." Before we talk about food, the most important nutrients
medical information
Like all tissues and organs in the human body, the female breasts are multidimensional in function. Their most recognized function
Tribulus Terrestritis - Magical Herb Of Ayurvedic medicine
Tribulus terrestritis is an ancient herb popularly known as gokshura in India. It is widely used by alternative medicine practitioners
Medical School Admission Essays preparation
Medical school admissions are becoming increasingly competitive, in part, because of the failing U.S. economy. Bright applicants who used to
Use of Acupuncture For Treatment and cure
Acupuncture is an ancient study. It is a technique that has been done for hundreds of years as part of
Raw Organic Milk Versus Brand Name Store Bought Milk
Raw milk. Many people hear that and immediately associate it with bacteria. The fact is raw organic milk not only
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
All India Institute of Medical Sciences was established by an Act of Parliament of 1956, as an autonomous institution of
buying from online pharmacy
The present technological era has made purchasing products in the internet a prevalent practice. The sick and aged who cannot
garlic benefits
Garlic is scientifically known as Allium sativum and belongs to the Alliaceae family. Other well-known foods from similar segment include onions,
humour and healthy living
Our bodies are intricately designed, so that when a breakdown occurs in one area, due to stress, it can have
herbal tea medicine
Herbal tea can be made from the fresh or dried flowers and leaves seeds or roots. The tea is usually
bald person hair loss treatment
Hair loss is one of the most common problems which affect almost 95% people all over the world. Hair loss
Arthritis problems
Arthritis is a congregation of predicaments involving trouble and inflammation of joints inside the body. The complicated joints might be
Philippine flowers Jasminum sambac
When it comes to simplicity, yet captivating scents in flowers, there's only one kind of flower known for such features,
healthise hair loss medicine information
Propecia prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. Propecia is used for the treatment of male
Transumbilical incisions
Due to extreme advances in medicine, there are several types of breast augmentation available today. Reasons for breast augmentation are
Medical Transcriptionist Profession benefits
Medical Transcription is one area of medicine which plays a very important role in its own way. A popular notion
Cosmetic Dentistry on your Teeth Color
Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dental medicine that deals with the appearance of the teeth. This branch encompassed a
Digital Health Care with Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record
The progress in technology can be seen in every area of our lives. One area where significant advances have been
They say pain and stress go together. If you have pain, you may have stress. But if you have stress,
With low back pain being the number reason why millions of Americans miss work, you would think hospitals around the
Confess that comes as a revelation to you, that snoring problems can be helped by the use of hypnotism. A
So how is Acid Reflux treated? One of the easiest cures for GERD, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, is referred to as
The coffee table talk goes very low when you whisper, "yeast infection", but the body screams RELIEF NOW! A trip
The treatment of gout entails a decrease in the protein intake of a patient suffering from this type of disease.
The emergence of inventive new materials, engineering breakthroughs, and advances in microtechnology has served as the catalyst for innovation in
Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty is a clinical procedure to drown the excess fat and skin accumulated around your lower
Most of the people associate ultrasound with pregnancy diagnostics. This may be a popular idea but ultrasound is being widely
Teeth Whitening: The process wherein the color of the teeth is lightened is called as tooth whitening. There are various
Stopping breathing or shortness of breath causes sleep apnea. It is a very risky syndrome and if you feel you
Lunesta is a relatively new sleeping medication. It has been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to treat insomnia
For many years, when people thought of alcohol and drug rehab, the image that almost immediately came to mind was
Home Remedies - Facts or Quacks? Myths and legends often have their basis in a grain of truth. So I
Cheap Viagra Anyone who has used Viagra knows that the medication is expensive; however, for some men it is necessary
Many people experience neck and back injuries on a frequent basis. Either from work related injuries or from just moving
Bacterial Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina which is caused by excessive growth of the bacteria called Gardnerella vaginitis,
N-acetylneuramic acid is one of the 8 saccharides known as Glyconutrients the others are: Mannose Glucose Galactose Xylose Fucose (not
Accidents are called as such because they happen to people when they least expect it. Thus, the best advice to
If you have a cataract it means the natural lens in your eye is cloudy. In a cataract operation your
Flax seed oil has a history rich with treatments and is believed to help in the prevention of certain illnesses.