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Baba Ramdev Home Remedies for Weight Loss (Obesity) Part 3

Whether your goal is to lose or maintain your weight, your diet influences your outcome more than anything else. If your crazy busy life sometimes means skipping meals to fit everything in

Baba Ramdev Home Remedies for Weight Loss (Obesity) Part 2

Habits and erratic lifestyles are responsible for obesity. The most important contributor is your daily regime. You eat right and exercise but, sadly, nearly all of your efforts are negated if you’re

Baba Ramdev Home Remedies for Weight Loss (Obesity) Part 1

Weight gain is something that usually creeps up on you very slowly. You first start to notice your pants becoming a little tighter around the waist, or your shirt becoming a bit

Overeating? Control Your Cravings

How do I overcome urges to eat? Yes, when the root cause of most of the health problems is overeating then you need to ask the question. To answer this question, we first need

How I Lost My Weight

How I lost weight is a story I like to share with all wherever I go to in the hope that men and women will believe and act upon the truism that

Weight Loss and Behavior Modification

Over the past few years it has become clear that weight is an important health issue. Some people who need to lose weight for their health don’t recognize it, while others who

Estrogen, Depression and Weight Loss Surgery

For those whose weight has climbed steadily after years of failing on traditional diets, gastric surgery to reduce the size of the stomach seems almost inevitable. If the stomach pouch is made

Appetite Control for Successful Weight Loss

Abnormal weight gain is mostly caused due to overeating. Overeating is the consumption of excess food in relation to the energy that an organism expends (or expels via excretion), leading to weight gaining

Easy Weight Loss Methods Revealed!

For many, weight loss seems like a difficult thing. Maybe you’ve tried things in the past…diets, workouts, pills, creams, ANYTHING to help get the weight off, but it seems like no matter

The Perfect Day of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue and/or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective

White Fat vs Brown Fat – Understanding the Difference for Better Health

Are you aware of the types of fat existing in human body? Well, most people just know about fat which they need to melt on a regular basis in order to look

5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise!

Losing weight is the most difficult task one can come across in their lifetime. It takes a lot of sweat, efforts, money, pain, and discipline. And speaking of experts, they say –

Sculpt your Waist (Abs) with 5 Stomach Flattening Foods

Worried about your increasing waistline? Well, you need to think about things very seriously. Take out some time and make efforts towards reducing your waistline. However, this doesn’t mean you would resort

Simple Ways to Weight Loss with Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. The beautiful round green fruit is sour in taste. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and possesses dynamic

Simple Lifestyle Lead to Weight-Loss Without Dieting

Everyone dreams of losing weight without diet. This is one of the most loved goals of life. However, this doesn’t come easy. If you are interested in losing weight without dieting, then

Lose Weight without Diet and Exercise !

Each one of us wants to have an idea body. Luckily a lot is available these days in the name of weight loss technique. But with less of time and energy let

Want Longer Lower Body: Try These Simple Yoga Poses

Weight gain is a big issue among women. No wonder a lot of efforts are made towards losing potential amount of weight Indian women tend to gain weight easily around thighs and

Black, Long And Healthy Hair with 5 Yoga Asanas (100% Result)

Black hair contributes to the iconic Indian beauty. The hair colour is a hot favourite among women all across the globe. Black shiny hair is definitely an eye soar. Also it complements

11 Easy Steps to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Facing difficulty in pulling your pants past thighs? This is surely a sign that you need to focus on losing weight. Unfortunately, reaching weight loss goals has never been easy. A huge

Weight Loss Without Counting Calories!

Counting calories is one of the most difficult things to do while trying to lose weight. But this is something most people don’t escape because basic understanding of calories matters especially when

No Results from Workouts? 6 Reasons You are not Losing Weight

Once you have decided on making fitness your priority, you were all set and optimistic about weight loss and looking fit in sometime. The first few weeks or even months were awesome!

Lose Weight in 6 Days with Health Diet Chart!

Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins,

Papaya and Weight Loss: How Does Papaya Diet Helps?

Having a slim figure everyone’s fantasy. You’re not alone. The whole world is running after having a slim and sexy body like those flaunted by super models in fashion magazines. But unfortunately,

21 Incredible Ways to Lose Weight

Confused about how to lose weight? Well, you must have read a huge number books and articles on how to losing weight. But regardless of all, most women end up end up

Weight-Loss Presumptions You Must Avoid!

Weight loss being a common concern among people across the globe, a lot of presumptions is associated to it. These super-common sayings have also affected people who wish to lose weight faster.

How to Control Food Temptations When Trying to Lose Weight

Isn’t willpower the most important factor for losing weight? Well, this is what most people think of. But latest studies and research have revealed that despite the inimitable importance of presence of

Lose Weight with Honey in Just 7 Days!

Honey has many magical health benefitting properties which are overlooked by many men and women. Besides working magic on your skin and hair, it comprises of some incredible properties to help you

Methods to Reduce Weight

Reduce body fat with the correct combination of a healthy well balanced diet and moderate exercise. Losing weight is not that difficult, but it does need some self discipline and will power.

Top 10 Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss is a decrease in body weight resulting from either voluntary (diet, exercise) or involuntary (illness) circumstances. Most instances of weight loss arise due to the loss of body fat, but

Bariatric and Obesity

Severe obesity is a chronic condition that is hard to treat with diet and exercise alone. Bariatric surgery is an operation on the stomach and/or intestines that helps patients with extreme obesity