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  1. friendly 4 says:

    I am doing a presentation on diabetes and I need to keep my audience entertained and informed.
    What activity could I do to make a presentation about diabetes fun. I already have all the information that I need but it just seems boring especially for a bunch of 17-19 year olds. Can anyone help me? My presentation revolves around teen and adult diabetes if that helps.

  2. I have type one diabetes. I wanted to know what the chances of my kids getting diabetes would be. I don’t have kids yet, but was wondering for when I do have kids. My boyfriend doesn’t have diabetes.

  3. My father had diabetes and blood preasure and my mother has severe high blood preasure. Am i bound to inherit these diseases or is there some thing i can do about it?

    Thank you in advance and sorry for any grammatical errors.

  4. sonya kaur says:

    my 12yr old daughter suffers from multiple food allergies, she is allergic to wheat, dairy, soya, nuts and fish.Can you give any health tips to help her overcome these allergies. Thankyou.