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  1. and why does Jared want to give us all aids?

  2. admiralzoog says:

    i laugh at people with type 2 adult on-set diabeetus mainly because i laugh at my granma

  3. I hope Wilford Brimley dies. He is a fat evil kak.

  4. I hope Wilford Brimley dies. He is a fat evil kak.

  5. DialgaGiratinaPalkia says:

    Awkard moment……

  6. DAvonzoAllDay says:

    hahha uhh uhhhhh uuuhhhh, have a good day

  7. stastny1986 says:

    I eat people with diabetes LOL!

  8. JOHNODOYLE007 says:


    Fuck You Bitch, I hope You Get Diabeetus and DIE!!!!!!!!!

  9. tiosopaman says:

    id like to treat you to DIABEETUS!

  10. John I don’t have a problem with high lighting diabetes. In fact I think it is great people do every think to rise money and awareness about diabetes.

  11. But Wilford Brimley is a supporter of animal cruelty. Brimley wants cock figting and other banded animal cruelty activities legalized and has tried every thing he can think to get this done. For example he has wrote petitions and has also lobbyed his local Congress Men and national politicians.

  12. Brimley not ony support animal cruelty but participates in these illegal activities. I for one don’t think Brimley is a person diabetes organizations should use to front there activities. The guy should be in jail.

  13. Necroninja2 says:

    one of the things ive learned to do is to laugh at people with type 2 onset diabeetus, which you oughta be laughing at.


  14. oktoberfest124 says:

    i died when he said:

    i went to the doctor and the most important thing he said was, wilford im going to give you diabetis

  15. @swissnor “The guy? should be in jail”. Yea, we’ll get right on that. Assclown.

  16. tiosopaman says:

    true story:

    i went to the beach yesterday in the morning. just got back. and the very first thing i did before i fkd my gf, was watch this video.

    it made me lol

  17. RickAJarvis says:

    I love how he he says “Diabeetus” with that low voice.

  18. Dannymancan2589 says:

    Have a good day!

  19. oh my God so hirrarios.

  20. He dies at the very ending.

  21. I think he has a epileptic seizure at the end.

  22. UnanimousDelivers says:

    0:57 uh .. wait .. maybe I shouldn’ta said that I eat people with diabetus

  23. BAHAHAHA i honestly just cracked up laughing!! ive never laughed that much from any video

  24. supersonicmario2 says:

    uuuhhh uuummmm HAVE A GOOD DAY XD