Yourofsky Ga Tech 9/09 Humans are Herbivores

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  1. YosneyLing18 says:

    hey this dude came to my school today at hialeah high! he told us the same exact speech, showed us a very disturbing video, told us about vegan food and his jail storys. same exact speech!

  2. xgbdesign says:

    This comment contains two logical fallacies. One, even if humans can no longer digest cellulose-rich foods, that does NOT mean they cannot be completely nourished by other kinds of vegetation. (2) It’s obvious that Eskimos live in a climate unsuited to raising fruits and vegetables, which is the real reason they eat so few of them. Besides, anyone who thinks Eskimos enjoy optimal health should scour the Web for reports correlating Eskimo populations with cardiovascular disease. — xgb

  3. stevezy1 says:

    Eskimos actually have a low mortality rate coinciding with cardiovascular disease. If you want to adapt your body to eating just plants then that will be going against the already natural process of adaptation that a large part of the population has already gone through eating meat. A large amount of humans went through an ice age which meant that one of their main food sources was meat and had to eat meat for long periods of time throughout the winter.

  4. rajsanand says:

    Charles Darwin theorized The keyword is theorized. The bloody idiot was wrong about everything.
    The appendix was not used for that purpose. Get out of your “well” and take a look at modern research. The appendix has a lot to do with gut bacteria. Lot of research shows that the appendix replenishes good bacteria in the gut whenever you get a dysentery attack(that is trying to flush out the bad bacteria).
    About eskimos people living in cold climates have a high metabolic rate so meat digest easy

  5. rajsanand says:

    There are vegetarians in cold regions where they eat bread and tons of butter(they are not vegans).
    Also we have this wrong notion that humans can only live upto 65 years anything above that is a miracle. Humans can easily live upto 150 years on a healthy diet(atleast 50+% raw) and good excercise(like pranyama and yoga).
    If we follow the same lifestyle mentioned above and eat meat we can live upto 90 to 100 years(meat being free range and cooked with lots of spice) this proves that avoiding meat

  6. SamanthaTobeyMusic says:

    What a great speaker!

  7. DarkLord1180 says:

    what a looser…human jaws move up and down too..we were meant to be both vegetarians and meet eaters..gary ain’t a doctor..he knows nothing about human body…go to a doctor and he will explain the digestive system and everything about human body which are pretty similar to meet eaters..he came to my college too..such a looser

  8. VibrantVegan says:

    I think you are trying to say “loser”. A “looser” might be someone who lets something go. A “loser” is someone who often fails. Sort of like you spelling “looser.”

    By the way, compare human digestive anatomy and physiology with a cats. You will see they are quite different. The cat having evolved as a true carnivore, humans evolving from fruit eating hominids.

  9. TheDudeRulez09 says:

    Doctors are taught whatever the pharma logical companies push on them to learn, if you listened to what doctors said and lived by it you would be dead very quickly, they are not paid to keep you well, they are paid to keep you in coming back for more. I think that it is retarded for meat eaters to even comment on vegan or vegetarian videos and the other way around for that matter, if you don’t want to live healthier then don’t, but to come on here and call names is asinine to say the least.

  10. YGravano7 says:

    this dude spoke at my skool haha it was wild…one girl even threw up when she watched the video

  11. Mexicanblood493 says:

    If this guy actually makes his way into my school my history teacher would be kicking his ass, he is an actual true blue omnivore he eats freshly killed steak, freshly harvested eggs, organically grown fruits, and veggies, he also takes in majestic Earth, It’s a liquid that he puts in his water in order for him to be 100% all the time.

  12. auggiedoggy says:

    Inuit do eat raw meat and fat. Modern day hunter-gatherers don’t cook everything they eat. Just because we, who have not been brought up in an environment (both physical and social) and are repulsed by the thought of eating raw flesh doesn’t prove that we aren’t meant to eat meat. Actually the argument he presents is a straw man argument anyhow.

  13. auggiedoggy says:

    Sorry for the incomplete sentence. Here’s the correction:

    “Just because we, who have not been brought up in an environment (both physical and social) similar to the hunter-gatherer and are repulsed by the thought of eating raw flesh doesn’t prove that we aren’t meant to eat? meat.”

  14. ImageChangesYou says:


    Circus workers torture animals for the viewing pleasure of heartless humans.

    Some innocent animals even die. So yes, that is considered killing for pleasure.

  15. quaffer22 says:


    You speak of a ultra-rare occasion. Circus animals are a means of income, prized and expensive.

    More ‘innocent animals’ die from neglect in the care of animals-lovers, while on chains, in cages and confinement, than by your example.

    The only problem I have with vegan’s;
    is their blatant disdain for those in disagreement and denial that our ancient existence relied heavily on the harvesting of meat, hide [leather] & fur.
    Best regards,

  16. Gary1111001 says:

    Focusing on one of his “arguments” is a bit straw.

    He went through many arguments (facts), of dozens that exist.

  17. auggiedoggy says:

    I’m focusing on his statement that humans are not carnivores. I I’ve never heard any educated person claim that in the first place. That is a strawman. His diatribe on the taxonomy argument has been shown to be false by scientists. I have nothing against vegans and vegetarians. I’ve been there also.

  18. gianna25Nicole says:

    Who is this guy?

    Can I marry him!?
    HE IS AMAZING! So true! GO VEG! 🙂

  19. EmpressEnterprises says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  20. UraniumMan says:

    @VibrantVegan I laughed more at “MEET”. :oP Nothing more entertaining that an ignoramus attempting to debate a topic, while using horrible spelling and grammar, and expecting to be taken seriously. And I couldn’t care less if Gary is a doctor or not; the guy makes a lot of sense. (To those of us who are capable of critical thinking.) Besides, most doctors ultimately get their knowledge and training from one source; so they are not infallible.

  21. KhiwaneanTsuki says:

    This is so full of fail. We don’t chew side to side. We chew with more of a crushing than grinding motion. Most herbivores do not have canines. Some do. Our teeth are still more indicative -but not sure proof- of an omnivorous diet. And he completely leaves out that not all meat eaters hunt their food. Scavengers anyone? That would explain every point from “no claws” to “no hunting instincts”. We wouldn’t have started to hunt until we developed the brains to make the tools needed for it

  22. xgbdesign says:

    @KhiwaneanTsuki I find all these arguments concerning whether humans are omnivores or herbivores to be quite beside the point. OF COURSE, a human CAN eat meat without even scavenging or hunting, given tools such as knives, forks, blenders, ovens, barbecues, etc. In fact, most meat-eating humans do. The question is not “CAN humans eat meat?”, but rather, “SHOULD they eat meat?” In other words, is the eating of meat by humans permissible on moral grounds?

  23. xgbdesign says:

    @KhiwaneanTsuki Note that if “…because we can…” were sufficient by itself to justify meat-eating on moral grounds, that argument would also justify all kinds of CANNIBALISM, particularly the eating of babies, human cadavers, the elderly and senile, the mentally retarded and deranged, homeless people, and any other humans that society may deem “worthless” or “undesirable.”

  24. KhiwaneanTsuki says:

    @xgbdesign I have no problem with people who choose not to eat meat for ethical reasons or dietary reasons. The speaker’s argument was that we are not built to. I was simply responding to that. I also never said “Everyone should eat meat because our bodies allow us to.” I’m not going to impose artificial restrictions on other people’s dietary choices. In any case, cannibalism cannot be justified simply by saying “because we can” for good reasons: prion diseases and human rights.

  25. KhiwaneanTsuki says:

    @xgbdesign The video does not address meat-eating on moral grounds. It addresses whether the human body is designed for meat consumption. Perhaps that is not what was intended, but that’s the way comes across. There are a lot of unethical things in the meat industry and I would also say that in America at least people do eat too much meat. However, I would never deign to tell someone else their diet is immoral. I don’t see how killing plants and straining the soil is moral high ground.

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