1. bassvoxgtarchick says:

    I love him. Gary is the best.

    However…patriotism? o.0 that’s part of the reason animals are murdered by the billions in this country. Patriotism= love of capitalism (corperatism) and that = mass production of murder for money.

  2. nikkicraft says:

    hope you will have the rest of this talk available on youtube. it’s excellent. thanks.

  3. beaelliott says:

    I saw him in Ctr Florida – My worst regret was not filming him! He’s an incredible voice for reason and veganism. I’m definately attending his presentation again – with camera 🙂

  4. MaxLearning says:

    Powerful! Sensible! Please post more segments!

  5. prairiebeat says:

    I wish he could speak to every person in the country. Bravo!

  6. Passing blood/flesh past gums is satanic & barbaric, think progressive/new NOT ‘medieval-midevil’
    Animal say: I no harm you
    Imagine if I stole YOUR LADY’S BREAST MILK
    If u DONT want 2b owned,enslaved or treat-dead as a property-product then plz DONT do that to US ANIMALS; because, chances R, that BIG LORD won’t listen 2 your criminal defense & THEN WHO WILL BE VOICELESS!?

  7. jasamkrafen says:

    My number one question is this:
    I did metabolic type diet last year. Felt very good.

    Im a vegan now.
    Also feel very good.

    Are the genes im turing on by being a vegan more positive + advancing than the ones Im turing on being a protien type eater of meat and fat primarily?

  8. joehaptas says:

    Gary has a wonderfully creative, playful and artistic instinct with his presentations that is sorely lacking elsewhere in the animal rights and veg movements. I only wish the “leaders” were paying attention to how Gary does it. You don’t have to agree 100% with what he says, but you have to admit his passion is infectious and admirable.

    Come on Gary, let’s get a full speech up on YouTube!

  9. xgbdesign says:

    Yes! Compassion via veganism is the only way to have positive genes. When animals are raised as slaves, mutilated, de-horned, de-beaked, castrated, and ripped away from their mothers, they experience nothing but negative energy. When they are shipped to slaughter, then dismembered and murdered, they experience nothing except fear and pain. When people eat flesh, all this negativity enters their bodies. It is impossible to have any positive genes when consuming someone else’s corpse. Gary Y.

  10. jasamkrafen says:

    Id rather eat plants that have eaten small microbes than participate in such an unnatural cycle as what humans do.
    Vibes from food is something ive been tuning into. thanks for the incouragement!

  11. love this speech! great to see someone else bring up the very points i have brought up in the past.

  12. CodeGeronimo says:

    I am 100 percent agreeing what he said there I think the exact same way.

    I live in Holland where saying something like Holocaust of animals raises uproar because it is considered that the word Holocaust is solely to be used on the killing of jews in the second WW.

    The word Holocaust is Greek for Burnt Whole and we can use it on any crime against any species.

  13. misswhitelies11 says:

    I love you 😀 come to the UK ! <3

  14. writer11248 says:

    Excellent speech!!

    I would like to see a video of the rest of teh speech is possible, but thank you for posting what you have there.

  15. Life feeds off life. Does one not feel sad when a 200 year-old tree is cut down? Cheetahs are always going to eat gazelles (at least until they finally go extinct). It all makes me feel bad, but that’s the way it is. I think the real choice is to be responsible about the food one eats.

  16. xgbdesign says:

    “Life feeds off life.” Granted! But don’t you think there’s a distinction to be made between life that is unconscious, unfeeling, and never inclined to protect itself on the one hand; and life that conscious, sentient, feeling, wary of predators, protective of its offspring, on the other? This is precisely why vegans choose to eat only the former, while protecting the latter. Yes, the real choice IS to be responsible about the food one eats, which is exactly why veganism is morally imperative!

  17. xgbdesign says:

    “Cheetahs are always going to eat gazelles…” Again, granted! But do you really want to reduce yourself to the moral equivalent of a cheetah? Cheetahs are natural carnivores; they have no moral inclination enabling them to “decide” not to eat a gazelle. As I pointed out to another poster, we humans do not have that luxury. We bear the burdens of being morally responsible for our actions. There’s simply no point in causing needless suffering and death for no morally compelling reason.

  18. If life feeds off life, then some death has a point. Everything dies. If death causes suffering then some suffering is unavoidable. These values don’t exclude meat. Beached whales or an apple tree that was struck by lightning, for example, suffer nothing from being eaten. Both died of natural causes. Now they will simply rot and waste away. Being a vegan is a great choice, but it is by no means morally imperative from what you or the speaker have given in the arguments.

  19. MontanaVegan says:

    Thank you brave and wonderful professor for this very accurate and truthful message…
    This I know is oh so true.

  20. He came to my school today!!!
    To me…eveything is true.
    He also said we werent meant to eat meat, when we do it makes our blood acidic and we need calcium to neutralize it…our bodies get the calcium from our bones.
    Oh and he said eggs are the periods of chickens. GROSS!


    its really retarted did you guys know he has a diffrent bible other than the Christian one

  22. ElectricMayhem87 says:

    4:54-damn, that’s some serious nightmare fuel. But he’s right, people get pissed off about all the wrong things. I wish everyone would take a trip to their nearest farm animal sanctuary, and realize that pigs, cattle, chickens, and turkeys are just like their cat curled up next to them on the couch, or their dog that sleeps at the foot of their bed.

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