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  1. ToneJermain says:

    Was she big than this?…..dam

  2. ava2hot19 says:

    right i thought she still looed fat

  3. DarkSunshineRain says:

    It’s so annoying when they fucking cry.

  4. lolatmarshall says:

    watch the young girl video

  5. jossbayduke says:

    Shes 20 and needs a good seeing to, to get her confidence up.

    Some dick will do you better than all the workouts in the world.

  6. BobbyIronsights says:

    classy, real classy.

  7. blazerrips91 says:

    i know a lot of dishonest people diagree with you but its fucking true she just needs some cock

  8. i know first hand what she means …i felt everything she said was true..and for the assholes who diss fuck you she’s doing good.