1. beautifulxsecrets says:

    You are so awesome with ur Chinese and running skillz! I cannot run to save my life! I am so overweight! Omg! Lol, I have always wanted to be able to run. Wow you can run 5 miles O__O;; thats amazing. I have fallen off the wagon so many times with my weight loss but I am starting over though I only lost .6 this week lol.

    You are very inspiring! :]

    I <3 Chinese food!

  2. Absolutsublime1 says:

    Sorry to hear someone left a negative comment like that :/. I dont know why someone would do that, guess they are unhappy. Anywayssss YOU ROCK! keep up the great work and kick that marathon’s booty!

  3. MisNatt85 says:

    you are beautiful the way you are!!! and don’t get down on yourself about the .6 loss! A loss is a loss!!! be positive!!! xoxoxoxo


  4. Do they have graham crackers and nonfat whipped cream?… make some WW Mock Ice Cream sandwiches…yum

  5. mollybcutie2000 says:

    hey sweetie! great job on the runs! ohh king size snickers used to be my best friend! Take care keep up the great work hun! PS i made a video reply to his comment to myself too. (respone to buffoldude) there was a comment exchange on that video then i blocked him. No more of that :o)

  6. iwillbeaperfectme says:

    Your videos are always so inspiring. Thank you!

  7. MrRight41 says:

    I think you should show us more boobies!

  8. BrittanyIsAStar says:

    so I’m fairly sure you have the best intro/ theme song in all of the YT WLC. Seriously, sometimes I watch your videos just for the theme song lol….

    oh and I’m a loser.

  9. lhbutterflyprincess says:

    Ok so I wrote a long heart felt comment but it didn’t post. Ugh! So just keep positive and keep being the inspiration that you are. Your videos and the messages that you convey are so motivational keep them coming. Keep up positivity! U are going to do awesome in the marathon. 🙂

  10. thesiegster says:

    Nice job on the weight loss, sweetie 🙂

  11. VioletnMatt says:

    You’re totally rockin the running hun!! <3 So proud of you !!! LOVES YOU!! woo for a great loss!! <3 <3 Keep on shining my little red headed star! <3

  12. houseofkan says:

    Since we’re talking Chinese food here.. just need to mention that.. I visited America and I noticed in almost all Chinese Restaurant menus, there is “Singapore Noodles”. It was then that I understood why so many Americans think Singapore is located somewhere in China 🙂 Anyway, being from Singapore, I can tell you that Singapore Noodles doesn’t taste like anything you’d find in Singapore 🙂

  13. BlueTunisia says:

    Wow, why are people like that on youtube. Sorry, Natt!!!

    The way you’re training, it’s like you’re trying to join the marines or something.

  14. someone11421 says:

    Hey Natt!
    Love your vids 😀
    I think it’d be interesting if you could show what you eat on a typical day while you’re there. I always find different foods fascinating.

  15. tabula rosa means blank slate doesn’t it? or is it just translated to that because isn’t a popular saying? i don’t know haha. good look with ur training!!! ignore the haters!!!!

  16. msixpackabs says:

    I must have missed a video since I had no idea you still live in China. Are you?
    OMG I live on Shai Shu street No. Yanli Tianli. Meet me there girl. We’ll lost some weight the hard way…well you know what I mean!

  17. augustwhisper says:

    i am so happy you’re back making videos 🙂 grats on the loss! and i would also like to thank you for introducing me to the grits via your intro song! <3

  18. MisNatt85 says:

    tabula rasa is basically: start anew. It’s latin for clean slate, yes.

    thanks for the comment!

  19. paul20072007 says:

    and a propos your jerk critic:
    Illigitimus non carborundum
    Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

    Good luck in your training. Sans Snickers

  20. l3rownEyedl3ella says:

    I LOVE your videos!! You are so incredibly motivating and I am so impressed that you are attending Grad School in China!! And I absolutely believe you can and will kick ass in the marathon you are training for 😀

    Haters SUCK. Don’t let them get to you girl!!! You are so positive and I love that about you. Never change 🙂

  21. danceistheawesome87 says:

    wow. you are an inspiration!!

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