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  1. MidnightButterfly222 says:

    Wow this is great!, you put the video together so fast!… I’ll be waiting for part 2!!! keep it up!, i’m sure there’s a lot of hands to be shared!

  2. tudiabetes says:

    I think we will definitely have to do a part two. There are indeed many more hands that want to see their way into a video.

  3. Wow.This is so cool video! I like it.

  4. blattman13 says:

    This is very touching. Thanks for the awareness

  5. THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER BUT I LOVE MY MOM AND DON’T WANT TO TAKE ANY CHANCES If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  6. MandalinRain says:

    Sometimes the simplest things say the most. Thanks for this touching video.

  7. tudiabetes says:

    Thanks for your kind words!

  8. this video is SO great !
    it’s very touching.

    thanks for mading this.

  9. katdanmo2 says:

    That video is nice but who is behind the video and advertisement!???Am I seeing a Scientologue behind his mask here??I am not criticizing the video and its loving people on it but the channel is little too suspicious!Who is behind this advertisemeent??I would think twice before I join!

  10. tudiabetes says:

    The ad that appears at the end corresponds to Animoto, the website that offers the service we used to compose the video. That’s all it is. It’s a fair question, though.

  11. tudiabetes says:

    As for who is behind the video, we are the Diabetes Hands Foundation. We are a nonprofit that runs two social networks (TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes) and develops diabetes awareness programs. Why do you find the channel suspicious, if I may ask?

  12. that last persons hand looked like a cool design

  13. diabetes is life changing… in good and bad ways. hutrt and dusgust arent quite the right words for it

  14. kitnkaboodle8 says:

    fear, worried, alone, stressed and draining are all things I have felt in the last 4 months since being diagnosed with type II diabetes. Thanks for this helps to know these are common emotions that are felt..