Most women are accustomed to being out in the world feeling quite a bit unprotected. Because women are typically at a disadvantage when it comes to strength and size as compared to men, it makes a woman much more vulnerable to attack. Over the years, women’s self defense course options have expanded which has allowed females to feel like they can have power over these unpredictable situations.

When looking for a women’s self defense course, it’s important that the trainer be specifically trained to deal with situations that would affect women. For instance, training a woman how to walk to her car in a dark parking lot and what to do if she’s attacked are critical components of any self-defense course. It’s very unlikely that a man would experience the same kind of situation when walking to his car in the same parking lot. Therefore, specific training is needed for women who have the situation on a regular basis.

Women also must be taught how to take down an attacker who is larger than they are. Even the smaller man will generally have more muscle mass and strength than a woman, so it is crucial that she understands how to use her body in such a way as to leverage her power to neutralize the threat.

Because girls are not brought up in the same way as most boys, they normally are not taught how to wrestle and fight like a male would be. Most men will tell you that part of the maturity process for adolescent boys is wrestling and fighting. This gives them a lot of practice and training that females simply don’t get. Most girls grew up playing with dolls and dressing up for tea parties. Not a lot of time was spent on learning the latest wrestling news or rough-housing.

There are many different components that a women’s self defense course should have. For example, the skills need to be easy to learn so that a woman is able to quickly create pain in her attacker and have the opportunity to escape. There should also be safety tips that can be given an order to prevent the assaults from happening in the first place.

The curriculum should also go over safety devices such as stun guns or pepper spray that can be used as a form of self protection. It’s important to keep in mind that many of the self-defense moves that have been taught over the years are specifically geared towards men instead of women because they require way too much upper body strength.

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