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  1. evangldbrg says:

    And how long after waking does morning sickness last?

  2. When I went in for my third month remission check up they told me that I had a tumor on my spleen and foot. If I knew that I had cancer in the first place it would have saved me from going through bypass surgery. Chemotherapy was causing me to gain weight and then after it I lost the 30 pounds that I had gained from it.

    I want to tell all of the people that had bypass surgery to never let anyone tell you that nothing is wrong. Because it was not a roll of fat left over from bypass surgery.

  3. Congratulations you look great BIG HUG

    My doctor padded because he knew that I was miserable being around 200 pounds. I lost my weight and I ended up with stage three Ovarian Cancer. I ended up in a wheelchair due to the tumor on my spine. The entire time that I was being told that it was a roll of fat left over from weight loss instead it was a six pound cancerous tumor. The tumor was connected to my kidney and bladder.

  4. Do you have problems processing sugar? I attended Le Cordon Bleu and I couldn’t eat the pastries.

    What amazed me was the amount of Culinary students that wasn’t that much overweight upon entering but after a year or two they were at lest 75 lbs overweight. They had to special order my jacket in a size petite because the school carried xl,xxxl. There weight remedy was that they would have Gastric Bypass in the future every time that they gained weight. Sad!

  5. SilenciumT says:

    brave! to talk about the complications, too! congrats Doc!

  6. hazen0066 says:

    Surg Endosc. 2007 Aug;21 1388 Lap revision from LapBand to gastric bypass. Houston, TX LapBand experience complications or fail to lose sufficient weight after the banding procedure. Study outcome of gastric bypass (GBP) revision surgery after a FAILED LapBand. Revision 28 months after banding. BMI before the LapBand 45 the BMI at revision was 43!!! Conversion from LapBand to GBP is needed for FAILED LapBand. Revision surgery is technically challenging