1. “I know who has diabeetus”

  2. Fix YOUR sht yo!!!! maybe turn the volume up on your speakers oh wait, you have the beetus so you cant lift your arm to do work

  3. jonny4427 says:

    LMAO Wilford Brimleys a pimp he looks like teddy roosavelt.

  4. smegmacheez says:

    Not as funny as l thought it would be. But ”A” for effort.

  5. leakesonasucs says:

    man this is i’m laughing at this, i wonder if he retired from doing commercials

  6. leakesonasucs says:

    RESULTS:why an’t they just leave there fucking number as it is. Don’t have 2 change it 3 times. U only need 1 phone number!

  7. leakesonasucs says:

    diabtes. And every1 here gets a bad commet

  8. sonikku1011 says:

    Dia Dia Dia Dia Beetus Dia Dia Dia Dia Beetus xDD

  9. urkhalmaster says:

    lol I have Diabetes and my buddies and I make fun of it all the time.
    Me: umm sry i cant come to your party.
    Jim: why not?
    Me: cuz I have diabeetus and im not allowed to have nice things.

  10. Unloadedx5 says:

    Do you all think he has diabeetus.

  11. I wonder what Wilford thinks of all these funny remixes of his commercials? I think it’s great stuff! xD

  12. Silhouette93 says:

    He does have diabeeetus

  13. twotimerhater says:

    LOL “Beetus. Beetus. Diabeetus.”

  14. fu fu fu fu funny
    fu fu fu fu funny.
    I don’t like this guy, he was going to let a nuke plant go critical and irradiate California just so he could keep his pension what a loser..
    Cha cha cha china syndrome
    Cha cha cha china syndrome.

  15. bamafan73191 says:

    I like the part where he says diabeetis.

  16. ShyteKreek46 says:

    Liberty should take advantage of this.

  17. he always says stuff like “I have diabeetus”, and then goes on to talk about his Diabeetus testin supplies

  18. leakesonasucs says:

    y wont this guy just die or go away something. dyabtis

  19. khfreak2201 says:

    stfu u fuckin jew u dont have to deal with this diabetes shit. its not funny u know, its very serious. u dont even know wtf it is im sure.

  20. Totally unnecessary, dude.
    I mean, this video is funny and all but your comment is not.
    That’s somebody’s grandpa, someones would you like it if someone said that about your family? I’d tear your head off in a second

    What a piece of shit….get a brain and use it….pfft.

  21. leakesonasucs says:

    I was actually talking about the comercial dudes :} Thet always advertise it. Yeah i can change the channel but then i don’t know when my show is on or not. Every day and it all started back in 2OO7, Every day m-f my show then this comercial then some different comercials then my show then this on again.

  22. inamonianim says:

    he wont die because he gets diabeetus testing supplies from liberrrrty medical

  23. rosered316 says:

    Wilford Brimely and his sexy moustache. 😀

  24. jrmysmth28 says:

    i know who has diabeetus,beetus beetus. thanx guy that made this

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