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  1. Victoria T says:

    I’ve struggled with Anorexia Nervosa for several years, and during this time, I’ve been struck by just how common eating disordered thoughts and behaviours are in our society. It seems that everywhere you turn, you see young girls picking at salads whilst complaining of how ‘fat’ they are, and boasting to their friends about how little they eat. You see life-long yoyo dieters, and exercise addicts, and ‘health-freaks’ who are so convinced of the evils of sugar that they believe that so much as touching a granule of the stuff will make it instantly transfer to their thighs. We are, undoubtedly, obsessed with weight loss. Which makes me wonder – just what exactly is the difference between me and the typical insecure teenage girl? Is it genetics? Is it simply some glitch in my brain that renders me capable of “successfully” denying myself food, while everyone else fails? Or is it simply insanity? It’s always stopped me from taking my diagnosis seriously; a part of me doesn’t feel that I’m ‘sick’, or worthy of any special attention, because everyone is starving themselves.

  2. MattSavage2006 says:

    The only thing that I find more offensive than your prejudiced views is your incompetent spelling ability. I literally understood nothing of what you said, and I feel less intelligent having attempted to read it

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  4. people have to eat everything just not too much of it.

  5. With a teacher that has seen so many kids with learning difficulties and behavior problems, I love this information. I’ve already signed a petition for healthy school lunches. What kids are fed is terrible, even at school. So many teachers see the shift of more problems with kids (esp. so many in special education) and say it’s this or that, but I have not once heard anyone say it’s our food-but it is! This makes me very upset – it’s a good thing I have a MA degree in educational leadership!

  6. snipsnapparty says:

    What amazes me is that people don’t have the common sense to already know this stuff…. it’s unreal.

  7. noodle0912 says:


    Couldn’t agree more. Really, it is ridiculous.

  8. mokugin81 says:

    i could not desagree More With LileJay!! Humans r meny to eat Only Natural Foods!! Foods that Nature Offers!! Then There R Food Intollerances That Must And Should Be Considered By AnyOne!! The Advice “Eat Anything In Moderation” Is A Disaster!!! Junk Food Should Be Banned From The Market!!

  9. casperfaust says:

    preach on man, i look forward to more

  10. ellekay79 says:

    I was the fat kid!!! My parents were good to me though and encouraged me to be active and eat healthy. Eventually my weight evened out and now I am a healthy and fit young woman. But I got lucky that I didn’t have to fight my weight my whole life. Our children today are in great danger!!! They don’t even know they are at huge risk for disease and death!! It is so sad!!

  11. singlaprety12 says:

    I agree I mean our chicken is blue gray under the breading! All they feed us is FAT FAT FAT. Its like they want to eat us. Everything Is eather chemicals or fat,

  12. nikki2579 says:

    amen…amen.. amen!!!!!! OMG i agree with everything you said.

  13. 98souljagirl says:

    i am 3 pounds overweight but i dont think that is something to be CONCERNED about………one kid in my school is 70 pounds overweight with type 2 diabetes..

  14. snowdevil002 says:

    Look, Its Like This.
    Your To Lazy To Give Your Kid Healthy Food, You Go Get Fast Food, And Go Back And Sit On Your Lazy Ass.
    You Can Go Get Healthy Food From H.E.B.
    Thats Just Sad You Cant Go There For 30 Mins.

  15. neuterscooter66 says:

    star trek v. awesome.

  16. threeclub says:

    great stuff just like here at… FITCAMPFORMULA

  17. queenievicky121 says:

    whyb are your kids fat and sick????? BECAUSE OF YOU

  18. spike0linkx says:

    i got theres like twice a year im starting to dislike it not like it taste bad or anything….. i just do but EVEN for a fast food place it has alot of fat and stuff

  19. PhsycoNerdLive says:

    I agree with you! Seriously, at lunch, I have gone arround my table, with my salad, and jacked my friends junk food and read their ingerdients. They dropped the crap for like, a week, and then they were all saying, “No, I’m hungry and I don’t like salads!”. Oh my goodness, I barley even sit with them anymore. My friend eats two bags for hot cheetos daily!

  20. mrpoopdaddy says:

    so true im akid i cant eat junk food its so gross

  21. AlejandraPrincess says:

    AMEN AMEN!!!

  22. 2626mummy1111 says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all your videos , so educational. Those fat parents with their fat kids gets me so angry too.

  23. Great to hear the truth being voiced so clearly! Love the video 🙂

  24. In my opinion, the amount of fat kids in the USA is a real poor reflection on this society in general. Parents feed their kids crap, kids live off junk food, soda, chips and all the other crap. I see parents feeding their kids soda and donuts for breakfast….well I guess it is ok because it is low in fat, sugar is good. When I was a kid there was one fat kid in school, that kid by todays standards would not even be fat. I think that lack of discipline is out of control in this country…YUCK.