Self protection is a very important part of feeling secure in the world. For many men and women, the ability to carry something as simple as pepper spray on their keychain gives them the security of knowing that they have some form of protecting themselves in the event that someone attacks.

Pepper spray has been around for a very long time, and many people are now looking at the possibility of buying wholesale pepper spray to get a better deal for themselves, their family and friends. In fact, it might even be a side business for someone who wants to pursue it in light of the fact that many people want the same kind of security.

A lot of individuals are not comfortable owning a gun or carrying some kind of weapon with them on a regular basis. Pepper spray offers a nonlethal way of having protection in the event of an attack. Also known as OC spray, which stands for oleoresin capsicum, pepper spray is a chemical compound which causes pain, tears and even temporary blindness in some cases. Often, police officers use it for crowd control, self-defense and even riot control. Some professionals also have to use it as defense against animals such as bears and even dogs.

Although pepper spray is not supposed to be lethal, it can be deadly in certain rare cases. The active ingredient in pepper spray is called capsaicin which is a chemical that originates from the fruit of a particular plant. Extraction of the oleoresin capsicum from peppers involves finely grounding the capsicum.

Normally, pepper spray comes in canisters which are small enough to be concealed inside a purse or even pockets. Some people opt to carry them on their key chains to make them fully accessible when they’re out in a dark parking lot walking to their automobile. Of course, police officers use them in the form of pepper spray projectiles which can be fired from guns similar to paintball equipment.

Many people are looking for wholesale pepper spray online, but it is important to make sure that you purchase only from a reputable dealer. You certainly don’t want to buy something that is either dangerous or doesn’t work properly; because you only find out if pepper spray works in a situation that is already out of control. Therefore, it’s important to make certain that the distributor is giving you exactly what you need and what you are paying for which is an item to make your life feel a lot more secure.

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