Obesity poses a threat to a person’s life. Even if obesity is not a disease, this can result in many diseases that have been claiming the lives of thousands of people. Many obesity-related diseases have been causing deaths all over the world. Because of this, weight loss is very important to fight obesity.

To effect weight loss, obese people are advised to regularly exercise and eat the proper diet. These are very effective in losing that excess weight. Once you have reached your ideal weight, you must maintain this to have a healthy and long life.

Unfortunately, some people find it very hard to lose weight with exercise and diet. And if these two regimens have been exhausted but to no avail, your doctor may prescribe FDA weight loss pills. These weight loss pills are approved and regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Only FDA weight loss pills must be prescribed by doctors. Because the FDA’s seal of approval means that these FDA weight loss pills have undergone the appropriate process of evaluation that has deemed them safe and effective. Using non-FDA weight loss pills is a big risk for you. Since these non-FDA weight loss pills are not legitimate, you do not know how safe these are for human use. You also have no enough data to prove that they are effective for weight loss. And you do not know what the ingredients are in those non-FDA weight loss pills.

If you want to lose weight, do this the right way. Consult with your doctor first. A dietician is also very helpful in making the appropriate diet for you. Exercising regularly and having proper diet are very effective for weight loss. You must start with these. If these do not work, consult your doctor again. He or she is the best person to assess if your condition is right for a prescription of FDA weight loss pills.


  1. nyyankees1123 says:

    Has anyone used a weight loss pill and if you have, has it worked? Please share your experiences, both good and bad with me about weight loss pills.

  2. I am looking for best weight loss pills and preferably to buy them online.

  3. what do they do to your body? why shouldnt you use them?

  4. ademuth93 says:

    I heard it was recalled a year or two ago for causing liver problems, including a case where someone died because of it. But since it’s being sold in stores again, does that mean it’s safe to take now? This is my fifth day taking it, and i’m up to 4 pills a day like it recommends. so i just want to make sure it’s safe to take, and i won’t end up sick or anything because of it. also, does it even work first of all? i’m also eating fewer calories and exercising along with taking it…

  5. Harriet W says:

    I am 25 but I have noticed when I was my hair I lose 10-15 hairs per time. I dyed my hair recently aswell. I want to know is there any vitamins or anything I can use to make my hair stronger & not fall out as much?

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