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  1. abeautifulpattern says:

    Ok since your in Michigan can you make the food for the two of us lol I hate cooking

  2. cutechoclatechip says:

    i think i’ll try that shake oneday, that looks good!

  3. sistahonamission says:

    Hi abeautifulpattern, Sure I’ll cook….if you do Ahmad’s workout for me and it counts towards my weight loss. LOL!!! 🙂

  4. sistahonamission says:

    Hi cutechoclatechip. Let me know how you like it.

  5. JoanLandis says:

    Looks Yummy! Will you cook for me? LOL!

  6. Bonnie90505 says:

    good idea with the slim fast smoothie, I must try it.

  7. sistahonamission says:

    Thank you Joan! Keep me in your prayers.

  8. sistahonamission says:

    Hi Bonnie, please let me know how you like it.

  9. fullbodychic says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. Looks like you’ve got a great plan going.

  10. loseweightnowtv says:

    Those looked like really good meals, thanks for sharing. Do you have a recipe for the bolied turkey legs?

  11. sistahonamission says:

    Hi loseweightnowtv, no, not really. I just season to taste. I use onion/garlic powder, pepper, and a pinch of Lawrys seasoning salt. Sometimes I toss in onions, bellpepper, and celery. It really just depends on what I have a taste for. Thanks for your support!

  12. Introduction08 says:

    GREAT idea you’ve given me. I’ve never thought about adding anything to a shake. I’m not a breakfast eater so I usually have the Low Carb Slim Fast shakes (chocolate). I will pick up the Vanilla next time and get my fruit in by using your idea!!! THANKS a MILLION!

  13. Shrinkydinking says:

    I agree with Intro… GREAT idea, I am getting so bored with Cheerios, lol. I like the slimfast shakes but never knew how to jazz them up. Also, I saw that Boost makes a meal shake now designed for “glucose management” so I may pick some up and let ya know how I like it in a video response. Thanks again Sistah!!

  14. sistahonamission says:

    You are welcome, please let me know how you like your smoothie.

  15. sistahonamission says:

    Thank you intro! Please let me know how your smoothie turns out.

  16. Introduction08 says:

    I’m hooked on the smoothie’s now… I look forward to breakfast now… I did the vanilla low carb – added my strawberries, 1/2 a banana and 2 tbsps of flax seeds… GREAT! Today I switched up to the chocolate low carb and it was GREAT too!

  17. sistahonamission says:

    HI Introduction08. I am so glad that the slimfast smoothie’s are working for you. Peace and blessings!