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  1. I’m looking to buy a new 2009 Subaru Impreza in about a month. The MSRP is $19,407. Obviously I can talk them down seeing that 2010’s are already out and the car will greatly depreciate the minute I leave the lot. Anyone have any price suggestions? I’m hoping to talk them down to $17,000.

  2. Introduction08 says:

    Hi Sistahonamission… I notice you are not using the slimfast anymore… What was the deciding factor for changing to the WW smoothie? Oh have you ever tried the frozen strawberries by GreatValue? I’m asking because lately it’s been very hard to find decent looking strawberries…

  3. rockybarragan says:

    oh gosh your version of my recipe looks so good! love your other meals. you really look like you are depriving yourself on ths plan. lol 😉

    i swear i feel like i eat more now than i did before i started this. but now i don’t feel uncomfortable after a meal…i just feel pleasantly satisfied.

    have a great night.

    hey, if you want to do a vid response of this to my sausage and peppers go ahead. that way other people from my channel can see your version.

    have a great night!

  4. LovelyRawBeauty says:

    That chicken and peppers looks delicious! I will have to try for sure!

  5. sistahonamission says:

    Thank you! Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. sistahonamission says:

    Hi Intro08, Oh yes I still use Slimfast. I have two cases of it in the kitchen. The WWer’s smoothie was on sale when I purchased it. I personally think that the slimfast tastes better. Enjoy your Sunday.

  7. sistahonamission says:

    Hi Intro08, No I have never tried the Great Value strawberries, but I’ve had their blue and blackberries, and they are good. I’m going to put their strawberries on my grocery list.

  8. sistahonamission says:

    Hi Rocky. Thank you for your support. I will post the video. Again….thank you.

  9. sistahonamission says:

    Thank you so much. Enjoy your Sunday.

  10. sexygal13456 says:

    Delicious Meal!!!

  11. sistahonamission says:

    Hi sexygal13456, Thank you so much for your support. Enjoy your Sunday.

  12. Summersbodyadvice says:

    Now I’m hungry : P

  13. loseweightnowtv says:

    Ooh thank you for sharing I love when you do these videos! Keep going lady!

  14. sistahonamission says:

    loseweightnowtv, thanks for your support. Peace and blessings.

  15. plussizediva90 says:

    I have smoothies all the time for sometimes for a snack and they are so good…You should try the mixed berry kind from great value its all the berries…so good

  16. sistahonamission says:

    Hi plussizediva90, I will try the mixed berries. Thanks for your support.