It is extremely important to educate ourselves before using any kinds of drugs or medications for any kind of illness or medical problems, especially if it something as serious as high cholesterol. This is because it can turn out to be fatal if neglected. That is why we should learn more about drugs and medications used to treat high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat like substance which is found in our cells and blood stream. Cholesterol is important for our body because it produces hormones and cell membranes. Our body needs some cholesterol to function. However, too much cholesterol will clog our arteries and cause coronary heart disease. This can in turn lead to a heart attack.

Although our body produces the cholesterol it needs, we also accumulate it through our intake of food products which contains it such as: egg yolks, poultry, butter, cheese and whole milk. There are two types of cholesterol which are: the LDL or low-density lipoprotein, which is the bad cholesterol and HDL or high-density cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol. When our bad cholesterol level is high, we must do everything we can to lower it, including the use of drugs and medications.

Choosing The Right Cholesterol Drug

Many cholesterol drugs are now available on the market. Although some of these drugs can be obtained over the counter, you need to consult your doctor before you purchase and start taking any cholesterol medication.

Some cholesterol drugs may have serious side effects which may do you more harm than good. Your doctor is the only person who can advise you which cholesterol drug is best for you since he is the only one who knows your medical history, your state of health and which cholesterol medicine is suitable for you.

One of the types of drugs your doctor prescribe for cholesterol medication could be the statin drug. This drug is known be effective in reducing cholesterol levels. Your doctor may also prescribe an enzyme supplement with the statin drugs because your body will need more of a certain type of enzyme when taking statin drugs.

Another type of drug your doctor may prescribe is a bile acid sequestrate. It will help control bile acids that are secreted in the liver and gall bladder. It will travel through the intestine and softens fatty material in food, helping it become absorbed in a better way through your system.

Non Medical Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

Besides taking cholesterol medications, you can try other non medical ways to lower your cholesterol. You can lower your cholesterol levels by modifying your diet and start taking only low or no cholesterol foods. Avoid trans and saturated fats from your diet as they are the main causes that raise your bad cholesterol level.

Besides modifying your diet, you should also increase your physical activities. Remember to exercise regularly, as it will not only help you lose weight, but lower your cholesterol level too.

Taking The Right Cholesterol Medication

If your doctor has confirmed that you suffer from high cholesterol levels after a series of tests, he may prescribe a cholesterol medication to help you lower your cholesterol levels and achieve a normal and healthier cholesterol level. Your doctor may also suggest that you make some lifestyle changes, altering the way you live your life and modifying the food you eat to help you achieve normal cholesterol levels quickly. If you take the right medication and make the right lifestyle changes as your doctor advises you, you should be able to achieve a healthy cholesterol level within a short period of time.

You should also be aware that cholesterol medication can be quite expensive. Remember that it can have many side effects that may cause problems for you. That is why you should always consult a doctor before you take any kind of cholesterol medications.

Stop taking any cholesterol medication if you are concerned about a side effect that occurs after taking it. Always consult your doctor should this occur and inform him of the side effects so that he can advise you if you have to discontinue the medication. Also remember that it is important to follow all the instructions on the medication because improperly taking any medication can cause serious problems for you.


  1. uberfailz says:

    My lpl cholesterol was 158 my Dr. wants me to take tricor. I’ve read the side effects and I am leary to take it. Are there any supplements that anyone has taken to help lower their cholesterol?

  2. josh12rox says:

    I am a 59 year old vegan / vegetarian male. I dont drink or smoke. My father died of a heart attack when I was 5 yrs old. I was told by my allopathic doctor that I would get a heart attack within the next 10 yrs if I was not careful

    I take oats every morning beacuse I heard it is very good for cholesterol, though the best would be to get whole oats and not the QUick ones I am presently using

    I refuse to take LIpitor due to how it inhibits Co Q 10 and all it’s other side effects

    I am a vegan / vegetarian. I have been cutting out cheese but still use some ghee / butter, though I do not heat that nor the olive oil I use , sparingly.

    I have access to a lot of supplements and vitamins. What are the main ones that have been proven most efficient in lowering cholesterol ?

    I have started to drink coriander tea three times a day and take lime juice with a litle honey which are both supposed to be natural remedies. I am trying to walk and exercise more

    Is there a way I can self-diagnose my cholesterol, or do I have to go to a doctor each time ?

    I intend to ccut down on salt oil and sugar and I find that not eating carbs at night is heliping me to lose a few pounds around my midsection where it has built up. My goal is to go from 180 lbs to 155 lbs, but I am not sure how to do this exactly

    Will losing 25 – 30 lbs help me to have lower cholesterol ?

    I am using a fibre supplement of flax seeds a few times a day, and digeestive enzymes, and I feel much less sleepy than I used to after meals

    Thanks very much for your suggestions

  3. Only Business says:

    A friend of mine just got put on a cholesterol medicine – Simvastatin 20mg – Is there some place on the web I can go to get reliable info on cholesterol and treatments?

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