If you are above the age of 40 years and are living a sedentary lifestyle and are overweight having a family history of diabetes type 2 are at a very great risk of falling victim to diabetes. In this article we are going to find out what exactly goes wrong in the body that causes diabetes and what are the things you can do to keep it under control.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is associated with the disorder in the pancreas. In diabetic persons the body has problem using its own insulin to control blood sugar level in the body. As the disease advances the liver also stops responding to insulin as a result of which blood sugar level increases further. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes start to show so slowly that it is often misunderstood with normal aging which is one reason why its diagnosis is most of the time delayed.

Steps You Can Take To Control Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes it is not the end of world for you because some changes in your lifestyle along with intake of some natural herbs and foods can still help you lead a very normal life. Let us discuss about some changes which you can introduce in your life to control diabetes.

1. If you are overweight it is time to get yourself into shape and loose that belly as soon as possible because it can lead to other health complications as well.

2. Start exercising regularly and keep your fitness levels at their peak because diabetic person’s immunity levels are not that strong it is imperative to take extra care of your bodily needs.

3. Do not eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in sugar like bananas. Eating vegetables like bitter gourd has been found to be very effective in regulating blood sugar levels in the body eat such stuff which is healthy for you and always eat home cooked food.

4. Do not be lazy as you body needs to be active all the time for optimal functioning.

5. Do yoga to keep your nervous system working and it will also help your mind calm down and improve your immunity levels.

6. And yes never loose hope take example of Wasim Akram one of the finest cricketers world cricket has seen is a diabetic but has never let the disease overpower his will power. If you have the will and desire to live nothing can stop you so always be positive and live a healthy and happy life forever.

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