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  1. PoohBearPenguin says:

    I have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure/heart disease. My insurance with blue cross blue shiled expired last month. I am now looking for an individual plan healthcare for myself. It’s not that hard to search, but it is difficult for any healthcare provider to accept me due to my medical conditions. I am on a long term disability with my employer and on a social security long term disability benefits. I won’t be 65 for another 4 years, to get medicare. Anybody out there know the solution to help me?

    ***So far I’ve done,
    1. Called to seek help through my old provider, they suggested i called the state healthcare pool, and i did, but i would mean that my premiums would be nearly 800 dollar per month, that leaves me with nothing to live off on….
    2.waiting on social security rep. to call me back about early filing medicaid employer needs me to see the doctor regularly and if my insurance premiums going to cost me 500 or more, and my income is 1300, this won’t work for me.

    thanks for your help
    thanks to those who answered my question. very much.

    **this means, if i go to public health or free clinics, will i be able to continue with my usual physicians ?

  2. bizichyld says:

    Actually, I think that’s the “correct” way to say it. I don’t hear the other pronunciation much anymore, perhaps because it sounds too much like “vagina.”

  3. Take a look at the pronunciation key for the word.


  4. Tiggersmac says:

    your observation wasn’t ‘comical’ was assinine, and you are a knob.

    Furthermore, my comment was not just to YOUR dumbass perspective. You either can’t read, then subsequently are unable comprehend the English language, or (and) you are a narcissistic twat.

    Eitherway, I will not further condescend to acknowledge such a loser as yourself.


  5. bizichyld says:

    If I’m a dumbass, and I can spell “asinine” correctly, then what does that make you? I know you tried to the best of your ability to feign intelligence by using words beyond your vocab, but you failed. You also fail at life. Fuck you, and your absent sense of humor.

  6. bizichyld says:

    And this coming from a fellow Tool-head? That stings…

  7. bizichyld says:

    True, there are multiple accepted pronunciations, but I’m hearing more clinicians place emphasis on the first syllable. Whatever though…it doesn’t really matter.

  8. maxwell6t9 says:

    This is great for a student to learn from and regardless of how he pronounces the word ANGINA. Great Job Doctor !

  9. caddy00007 says:

    is an ECG the same as an EKG?

  10. killerz1230 says:

    1 put ur hand over ur mouth
    2 make a wish? into it
    3 close ur hand[into a fist]
    4 put fist over ur heart 5 sec
    5 send to 3 more vids
    6 2morro will b ur best day ever

  11. JLeeMagnetic says:

    The best anti-aging product I’ve ever seen is actually Alex Chiu’s Magnetic Discovery. The other people are just nonsense.

  12. litebug12345 says:

    I have already suffered 2 heart attack & have what my phsyican calls dangerously high triglycerides & LDL, and i was told that if i do not get these levels under control i will have another. This did frighten me and i knew i needed to do something to reverse this damage. I knew plant sterols were powerful so i tried Sterolyn, and i’m very proud to say that my triglycerides have gone from 512 all the way down to 155. LDL count down from 240 to 132. Great product.

  13. happilylil says:

    i really love taking Levodyn, it’s really effective and safe. i’ve am really getting good results from it, i really feel great.

  14. moslemssuck says:

    I already tried that, killerz, but islam and moslems are still on the earth. It doesn’t work.

  15. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

    and he’s wearing a hair piece!…<.<....

  16. is this guy wearing a hat?

  17. MrLimsky83 says:

    Fuck i really think that i might have this shit but i’m not sure. I’m tired all the time, i got a dull ache in my chest, head-aches also my arms are starting to ache as well but so far no swelling. i think i should go to a cardiologist or something..

  18. poisonfume says:

    mrl you’re gonna get trashed right down to ash son :>

  19. TheJoseph313 says:

    Could you tell me where you purchased these. My Father is suffering from chf and i want to help him and head it off. At the age of 25 my ldl level was extremely high, I was to stubborn to do anything especially with statins. But this sounds good I to heard about plant sterols. Thank’s for your responce.

  20. TheReach1 says:

    Go get it checked immediately.See a regular doctor and consider alternative healing if that doesn’t work. My husband had CHF and after open-heart surgery 8 years ago he struggled alot to adjust to a slower lifestyle and diet changes..finally gave up the red meat wqhich had too much cholesterol. We lost him on Dec. 7th when his heart finally collapsed. He was brave through the whole experience.Go get checked. brave!

  21. DisasterFlicks says:

    i was just diagnosed with this and im only 15 :'(

  22. morrandricky says:

    @DisasterFlicks does it run in your family?

  23. I’m sorry, I am dealing with it too. It’s not the typical left-side heart failure, it’s right side from damaged lungs.