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  1. AvengeJoker says:

    isnt angina a throat desease? or i dunno, but i have it and it like thickens your throat, but its maybe because its angina in swedish

  2. angina is a chest pain produced by insufficient blood flow in the myocardium resulting in myocardial ischemia. probable causes are atherosclerosis and coronary artery spasm. risk factors are smoking, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension and high fats/cholesterol intake.

  3. poopee4eva says:

    I hope you get better soon inshallah =)

  4. i am a 20 year old male with a constant tightness in my chest for the past three months, could this be angina?, i have had an e.c.g which is clear.

  5. JLeeMagnetic says:

    The best anti-aging product I’ve ever seen is actually Alex Chiu’s Magnetic Discovery. The other people are just nonsense.

  6. animalxing284 says:

    I am 15 years old, and have SVT and an opening between an artery and vein,
    they are unrelated,
    I first found out about SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) when I was in 3rd grade, it acted up then, in 6th grade,k and was acting up again now in 9th
    It’s been fine for the past month or so,
    but I’ve been having chest pain recently…
    It may be angina due to the hole

    Could anybody tell me if this is normal from either SVT or the hole? 🙂
    Thank you!

  7. harryfodder says:

    i’m a 25 year old male and i have the same thing. certain foods exacerbate the conditions, and sometimes i get sharp pains in my chest which last until i sleep no matter if i exercised or not. i’ve been getting muscle weakness, leg pain, etc. i have a very hard time falling asleep as my heart seems to be pounding in my chest, and even after 10 hours of rest, i do not feel adequately refreshed. i’ve tried exercising but that leaves me even more exhausted.

  8. harryfodder says:

    i did try a pure brown rice diet for about a week and my chest pain decreased significantly. no more sharp pain, and my chest pounding was fading. the problem was that my energy levels were falling drastically. in 1970 the FLQ kidnapped James Cross (British Trade Commissioner) and fed him a diet of brown rice only. when he was released, his heart problems were non existant! i must find a way to make this diet work! i will be trying a product called angioprim though. check it out!

  9. what if someone has chest pain at rest but nothing ever happens during exertion, even if the exertion is moderate to intense.

  10. dilwich123 says:

    is this guy wearing a hairpiece?

  11. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

    in mexico we call them “anginas” (image google it and youll see what im talking bout

  12. Wow, that is a terrible hair piece god almighty dam.

  13. dilwich123 says:

    i went on this posting in the hope of learning what condition i had but spent 3 minutes laughing at this mans wig……its the worst hairpiece ive seen next to ernest ainsleys………

  14. 666fannyfart says:

    i noticed you said you were a seasoned paramedic………does this mean you are covered in salt and pepper?

  15. 666fannyfart says:

    i had chest pain in bed when i was knocking one out into a sock… angina attack came on when my mother caught me wanking off and hit me full force with a shoe……..the slack ole bitch.

  16. ozoneromania says:

    Well somthing seriously wrong brown rice is more energy dense then white rice & lower gi.

  17. MrColina999 says:

    What is ANGE INA?
    Do you mean AngIna…..yanks !!

  18. MrColina999 says:

    What is a nice boy parting?
    Its what he has…

  19. dinamore2005 says:

    stable & unstabe angina are ST depression while prinzmetal angina is ST elevation like MI.

  20. Aprilshowersss says:

    I cant take these people seriously. They cant even pronounce angina correctly

  21. thee1spleffy says:

    haha eh he said angina right at the end