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  1. xLittle21Yaox says:

    Hi, I’m 14, 81 lbs, 5′ 1,” and recovering from anorexia (been anorexic for a year). I ate 900- 1000 calories per day for the past couple of months. I have been working to eat about 1500 calories a day, and sometimes I eat well over 2000 because I binge on high carb foods, cereal especially. I want to build muscle, not fat from the calorie increase and weight gain. Does it matter what type of food (protein or carbs) in anorexic recovery stage if you want to build muscle, not fat? If so, can you recommend foods for muscle growth?

  2. MySeizures says:

    On my seizures video, one can see me beating my chest down and desperately trying to breath, grasping for air. Just before I get knocked out unconscious, I feel my heart is exploding, my blood pressure is racing and I’m suffocating, running out of breath? Am I having a heart attack, minor stroke or epileptic seizure? what does symptoms described above to do with my seizures? Thank you in advance for your help. Gerrie

  3. haustin75 says:

    very well done. Thanks!

  4. Smacajoni says:

    Maybe a seizure can start a heart attack…
    just thinking… im eleven so i dont know that good

  5. meggiemeg86 says:

    Great job! I heard that you are ALWAYS supposed to call an ambulance, even if you live right by the hospital, because they have all the equiptment to save you. As stupid as it sounds, I’ve never thought of it that way before someone told me that.

  6. JimmyJagg says:

    Don’t think of an ambulance as a high speed taxi to get you to the hospital! Think of it as a high speed ‘tool box’ to get the ‘tools’ to save your life at your home! I’ve had mine ‘saved’ four times now. Can’t think of any words to thank them that would do them justice – other than … Thankyou, … sooooo much. I can still see my granddaughters grow up (For now). (A UK poster)

  7. Absolutely! As a paramedic, I can say that the advice that you’ve heard is sound advice. Ambulances not only bring you to the emergency room, but in a sense, they also bring the emergency room to you for serious illness or injuries.

  8. damn, i get a pain in my chest sometimes for some reason.. if i try to breath in deep it would hurt. it stops if i force myself to breath as deep as i can. im not fat or anything only 16, why could this be? not really expecting anybody here to know..

  9. westparty693 says:

    everyone over 40 yrs, young should be aware of thier heart health.! for this can be and is a very serious matter.. please enjoy your health!

  10. this shit scares me. i hate the heart.

  11. litebug12345 says:

    I have already suffered 2 heart attack & have what my phsyican calls dangerously high triglycerides & LDL, and i was told that if i do not get these levels under control i will have another. This did frighten me and i knew i needed to do something to reverse this damage. I knew plant sterols were powerful so i tried Sterolyn, and i’m very proud to say that my triglycerides have gone from 512 all the way down to 155. LDL count down from 240 to 132. Great product.

  12. my heart beats very fast up too 140 min just me sitting or lying also feel wierd pain like some one does 1000-needlez on your arm

  13. stormygail07 says:

    This will be reflux which you should grow out of. See your Doctor to put your mind at rest. :O)

  14. HoneiiDiiva says:

    lol hating ur heart…just eat healthy, dont smoke and get checkups every yr/

  15. BeeAnne01 says:

    Can someone please help me out?
    I always experience irregular heartbeats which cause me to get realy out of breath and I ALWAYS faint cus of it, my chest hurts before I faint.
    Sometimes for example when I walk home from my bus stop after school I get an intence straining feeling in my left arm right down to my little finger and a tight chest.
    Im a 15 year old girl and im not overweight (Im around 6 / 6.5 stone) and 1meter 49.
    This is realy worrying me cus I dont know what it is.
    Thank you

  16. Gabriel2365 says:

    Well I really suggest that you see a Doctor, it could be something serious

  17. Somethinzfishy says:

    OMG ! I am “Doctor no personality” and I’d like to sit here and give you expert medical advice on how to deal with a possible heart attack…” now let’s see can someone put up cue card #1 please so when I do this I look like I know what I’m talking about?”. Good god where’d they get this character?

  18. themousemaster says:

    hey me i,m 12 and i think i have it but the doctor isn,t sure he says i,m too young 4 reflux do u know anything about this?

  19. Tobleronii says:

    i have like the same thing and i’m 16 :s
    i faint all the time, people say it’s low
    bloodpressure but it really hurts in my chest

  20. planeman009 says:

    what if u hav a heart attack? u would not know what to do!

  21. Julianalewisjohnson says:

    your having heart murmurs sweety

  22. BeeAnne01 says:

    Yea I do have a heart murmur but i was just scared incase it was something else serious :p

  23. hutchensriley says:

    You shouldnt be asking something like that on YOUTUBE out of ALL PLACES

  24. BeeAnne01 says:

    Why? its not like I can ask everyone in person can I and there could be people out there who know something I dont.

  25. dinamore2005 says:

    MONA protocol : Morphine+Oxygen+Nitroglyceride+Aspirin to save patient life

  26. chickenfauker says:

    If having a serious heart attack, chances are an ambulance isn’t fast enough to save you. Your next best option is to quickly jump from an elevation of 20 feet or better, ie, a window or roof. The sudden stop upon hitting the ground will in theory unclog the blocked artery. Although it is not advised that you land on your head and possibly cause brain damage…