Cholesterol is probably one of our biggest enemies, because it can lead to serious heart problems. Luckily, there are methods that you can use to change your cholesterol levels. A high level of cholesterol is a big threat to our health, so one must lower it, the level of cholesterol.

Here are some of the things that affect the changes in the levels of cholesterol. The first thing that has a huge impact on the levels of cholesterol is diet. It is a well known fact that the saturated fat and the cholesterol that we eat increase the levels of cholesterol in your blood. The main reason why our blood cholesterol levels goes up is the saturated fat, but food with cholesterol are also to blame. So in order to lower the cholesterol that you have in your blood, you should reduce the amount of saturated fat that you eat. The best thing to do is eliminate saturated fat completely to better lower the cholesterol. Furthermore, you should avoid any foods that have cholesterol in them. Your weight is also an issue when cholesterol is concerned. If you have a few extra kilograms than normal, this might be a problem. This condition increases the cholesterol in your blood, thus giving a higher risk of developing heart problems. By loosing weight, the cholesterol levels that are very bad for you, will go

down. Furthermore, the level of HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol will go up. The physical activity that you have is also another important thing when cholesterol is concerned. If you have regular exercise, this can lower the levels of LDl cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol. Furthermore, physical exercise also raises the HDL cholesterol level, which is very good for your health. A half an hour a day of exercise is all it takes if you want to lower those cholesterol levels and higher the good cholesterol level.

There are also other factors that can affect the levels of cholesterol in your blood. Unfortunately, these are things that you have no power over. The gender and age of a person can be a thing that can cause changes in cholesterol levels. Older people are more at risk of having high cholesterol levels as women are after menopause. Before they get to this stage in their life, women have lower cholesterol levels than men.

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