Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig benefits or problem

A prevalent phenomenon in today’s world is the existence of weight loss businesses such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Are these good for the average person? Or, are they a complete waste of money, resulting only in a return to obesity shortly after stopping with them?

The writer generally believes that one can do for oneself what Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig can do. Therefore one should simply use one’s own head without contracting with others. But, that opinion is perhaps too obtuse and unrealistic for the person just starting out on a physically transforming lifestyle.

Making a new year’s resolve to drop fifty pounds, thereby looking great for this year’s upcoming Christmas is hard. It takes a lot of effort to refuse the food you probably love and feel you cannot really live without. It also takes a lot of courage to simply do your daily workouts. Simply sticking with it may almost take all of your emotional time and energy.

If that is true for you, you may not be as able to wisely choose what you should eat for energy and tissue repair. Jenny Craig and Weight watchers do a good job of telling you what to do in these areas. They can even send you individual meals if you would like. Having your diet on that kind of cruise control can free your mind to stay on track with your workout routine.

Places like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers will also encourage you. Largely, this is because your success is the best advertising for them. But it’s also because many of those who work for them have been overweight as well.Consequently, they will know what you are going through and will be able to encourage you in a way that will not damage your pride.

You need nutritional and emotional support of this nature. Too few of us get these from home, where we may even have spouses who are against our weight loss aspirations. Granted, they may not be openly antagonistic, but the threat of a physical transformation may actually cause some resistance in them. That can result in them not helping with the dietary changes that are necessary. Sad to say this may even be the case in spite of your MD saying that you simply must drop the weight to avoid more serious future problems such as diabetes.

Should you try one of these big chains to help you win the losing game? Yes, if you need them as many of us do. The only warning is that their diets may not be enough if you are also on a strenuous bicycle or running program. In that case you might want to at least tell them beforehand or consider supplementing with controlled amounts of extra calories from things like honey or olive oil.

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