Weight Watchers Weigh-In #1 12/21/09

25 Responses to Weight Watchers Weigh-In #1 12/21/09

  1. sistahonamission says:

    Hi Shelly, thanks for your continued support and well wishes. Take care.

  2. sistahonamission says:

    Hi rocky, thank you so much. Take care.

  3. sistahonamission says:

    Hi freshfoodiefitness, thank you for your kind words of support. Take care.

  4. sistahonamission says:

    Hi lady! Thank you so much. Take care.

  5. sistahonamission says:

    Thank you!! Take care. 🙂

  6. sistahonamission says:

    HI lady! Thank you so much. Take care.

  7. sistahonamission says:

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  8. sistahonamission says:

    Hi Diva, thank you!! Take care. 🙂

  9. sistahonamission says:

    Hi Mandy, thank you so much. Take care. 🙂

  10. cutechoclatechip says:

    that is so good! congratulations! keep up the good work!

  11. WWloser84 says:

    WOW!! What a great loss! Congrats!! 🙂

  12. mellowyellow821 says:

    yay!! congrats 😀

  13. setention says:

    Congratulations on your first weight it! Weight Watchers does work!!

  14. xf89 says:

    Great job, Sistah!

  15. YayErzS says:

    Congrats on your loss girlie….Keep up the good work 😉

  16. sistahonamission says:

    Hi CCC, thank you for your continued support. Peace and blessings.

  17. sistahonamission says:

    Hi, thank you!! Take care.

  18. sistahonamission says:

    Hi setention, yes it does work! Thank you for your support.

  19. sistahonamission says:

    Hi ChrisTina! It is so good to hear from you!! Thank you for your contnued support and encouragement. Take care.

  20. sistahonamission says:

    Hi YayErzS, thank you! I am going to do my best. Happy Holidays. Take care.

  21. JustPris702 says:

    woohooo congratZ on the loss :))

  22. sistahonamission says:

    Hi there! Thank you!! Take care. 🙂

  23. OCgirlonWW says:

    Congrats on a such a great loss! Looking forward to your next update! =)

  24. anitdnahS says:

    Hey Sistah! Execellent way to bring in a New Year. Also good luck on the ShayLoss contest.

  25. sistahonamission says:

    Thank you! Please keep me in your prayers. Peace and blessings.

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