With all the weight loss supplements on the market today, one does have to wonder why there are still over 2 million Americans battling obesity today. That number is even greater if you factor in that their children are, in many cases, obese as well. This is a serious situation for everyone! The problem is not necessarily no self control. There are many factors that play into this problem, such as the advent of fast food, processed foods and many homes needing two incomes which leaves little time for home cooked meals anymore.

Both parents work their 9-5 jobs, the kids are out of school usually several hours prior to the parents getting out of work.   Add in driving time to get home, mom is faced with the hungry hoard not wanting to wait at least another hour or so for dinner to be made, so what is the next best thing?     The quickest means to an end, fill the tummies of everyone including mom who worked all day. This makes for extremely poor choices for what to feed your family. Fast food 3-4 times a week, which is picked up on the way home, to save even more time. So what’s the average calorie intake per person for that meal?   Approximately, 1,000 to 2,000 (or more) of high fat empty calories.  

How about the frozen dinners just waiting to be popped into the microwave for the family? Yes, unless  the shopper in the family is diligent on nutritional quality, there are just as many high fat calories packed in those quick dinners too! This epidemic is quite frightening to say the least. With today’s economy this way of life is not only extremely expensive but oftentimes the main reason for the obesity and many obesity related diseases.  

Weight loss supplements, another quick solution? Not necessarily so. The companies that manufacture weight loss products rely on the consumer not making a lifestyle change which is exactly why this is a billion dollar industry.  There are no supplements that can counter the type of foods and the amount of calories that are consumed on a daily basis. In these tough economic times families need to get back to the basics of preparing meals in a time efficient manner. Crock pots are wonderful,   cut, dice and chop, toss it all in add some spices and water and turn it on for the 10 hours that you are away from home. There are many varieties of meals that you can come home to all ready to go, just make that salad, set the table and chow down a home cooked meal.  

Get your children involved in the meal preparations, depending on what is appropriate for the ages of your children there are many things they can do to get dinner ready when they get out of school.   Children need to be taught how to make it work in preparation for their futures.   In the long run you will be teaching your children a lot more than just meal preparation. You will be teaching them the value of a dollar, how to utilize time wisely and making the proper choices for themselves as well as the families they will eventually have.

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