Maybe you need to lose some weight; you are concerned about your health and appearance. There are so many weight loss programs out there though how do you decide which are the ones that are safe. After all you are trying to get healthier, your want your health in safe hands.

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Well, the first thing you should do is ask around, people at work, friends and family, anyone you know who has lost a significant amount of weight. Ask them which program they used. Ask if they were medically supervised, supervised by a nutritionist or just a commercial program.

Next, do some research on the internet about the commercial programs as they all have websites. Read about them, read the testimonials from people who have lost weight on them. Make some phone calls or continue looking on the websites to find out price, meeting times and other pertinent facts about the programs. Find a few through this system that seem interesting and that might work for you.

You might want to consider going to your doctor for a physical and advice on how much weight you should lose, how fast you can lose it safely, and how you should go about it. Your doctor may recommend a nutritionist that they work with who will make a personalized plan up just for you to lose weight on. He may also recommend that you attend a medically supervised program at a clinic or hospital. If you and/or your doctor are considering bariatric or lap-band surgery for you there are many hospital based groups just for people in the various stages of the bariatric surgery process. These are always run by medical professionals and are usually hospital based.

This all be no means is saying you should not consider the many widely group based commercial programs available. These programs usually are based on healthy balanced diets with smaller portions and lower calories. They have been in existence for many, many years and have proven to be very effective for many people. If cost is a concern you should definitely consider one of these as they are just as safe if followed properly and cost much less.


  1. So I need help I NEED to loose 60lbsno time limit. I need to know how and if u have expierence that is just as good.

    I am also worried. Idont want loose skin. And when I do loose the weight I dont wanna be stuck eating salads and NO sweets att all for the rest of my life just to maintain it.

  2. I’m the Dad of a 14 yo girl who has a formal in mid December. We have been looking for a dress and can not find one that fits or looks nice on her. She has a bit of a spare tire around the mid section. Are there any good diet plans that are safe, where she could loose 10-15 lbs before the big night? Thanks for all imput. A concerned father.
    As an answer to the last reply. My daughter has approached me to help her to loose weight. I have been trying to lead by example. I am 5’9″ and weigh 153lbs. We are into martial arts, together, we train about 6 hours total a week. 1-1/2 hour sessions, 4 days a week. I would never tell my beautiful girl that she is fat. I have nothing but praise for her and her accomplishments. I am concerned for her health and her future. Since I have never had a weight gain problem I do not know exactly how to help her with the task ahead, but am willing to do what ever is necessary to provide the guidance and support needed to help her succeed. Thanks for all the advise already submitted.

  3. maskills24 says:

    i’m starting the new year off right with diet and working out but is there anythign that can give me a boost?

  4. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    I am about 5ft7 and i weigh an alarming 220 pounds as a male. I’m 18. Although i still do most of the stuff i do when i weighed less. Pls i need a lot of help. I work overnight mondays thru fridays in a store where i work for 7.5 hours thru the night continously. I don’t eat much and i’ve got to lose a lot of weight by then. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks. Feel free to ask any questions.

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