I have had my share of battling with weight loss. Dieting or changing your eating habits can definitely be a pain, but I guess it’s just like everything else in life when it all boils down to it, how bad do you want change? I have never been obese, but a little overweight and at times I just didn’t feel comfortable in my skin.

So I went on several diets off and on over the past 10 years and the most I ever lost at one time was 20 lbs. It took me about 1 mth. And of course I gained it all back plus a little extra once I went off of the diet. Plus at the time I was taking chromium picolinate pills which was a bad idea, that stuff would have my heart racing at times.

But now that I’m a little older, I know that you can eat and lose weight probably twice as fast as you would on these half-starvation fad diets. And I do mean eat well. Now, I don’t believe that everyone who is overweight should lose weight, if your happy and healthy, GREAT! I know people who weight probably at least 100 lbs. more than me and can beat me if we were in a race.


But what I do believe is that EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE, should detoxify there systems. I truly know and believe that the wastes we carry around in our bodies and in our intestines from the time we are born to what ever age you are right now causes a list of ailments and diseases.

Things as minor as headaches, acne, boils, bloated/fat tummies, rashes and skin discoloration to major things, like cancers, diabetes, heart problems, etc. There are several ways to detoxify your system, and even though most of us are meat eaters, we were meant to eat live foods.

The first time I did a detox, I ate nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables, which was ok but I kinda got bored fast, but it did the job. From there, the next time I juiced fresh fruits and vegetables, this is my favorite because you don’t have to worry about cooking or over cooking the vegetables. You get 100% vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body was intended to absorb.


Not only does detoxifying the body make you feel better, but it takes years off your appearance. During your detox period, it is mandatory to take colon cleansers, especially if you are juicing. You have got to have a way to help to remove the toxins from your body.

Besides that, colon cleansers get down into the hidden curves and bends of the colon to help get rid of years and years of waste that has been stuck inside you. Laxatives don’t cut it, there just a quick solution to constipation and they don’t clean anything. What ever colon cleanser you choose should not be harsh at all on your system, meaning you will have an urge to relieve yourself, but they should never cause cramping or pain.

This is the best thing you can ever do for your body. There are also herbs you can take to help with detoxing the rest of the body.

If you do this for just a couple of days you will see results. Your skin will look better, more vibrant, if you have acne it will start to disappear, your energy level will be through the roof, you will also see your stomach begin to flatten, yup that area can hold alot of toxins in it. You ever see someone that was skinny every were else except there stomach?

THE MASTER CLEANSE – Lemonade diet

This is what I call the mother of all detox programs. The master cleanse is said to be a cure all because it scrubs, renews and rejuvenates ever single cell in your body from head to toe. Im not going to lie, this is a lot more strict then just juicing, but it is worth it.

The master cleanse is a 10 day regimen, but alot of people who make it to the day 10 go on to 15 or more days. What to expect: You lose 1 lb. a day of toxins and waste (also some fat), you require less sleep, energy level sky rockets, skin looks flawless, concentration and memory increases, also takes years off of your appearance and the list goes on and on.

I tried it twice but didn’t get past the 5th day, but in 5 days I had lost 5 lbs. of toxins, my acne was almost all gone, I looked younger and fresher and my energy level was raised. People have been known to go on this cleanse for various health problems also.

Im not a doctor, but lets just say that if I ever got cancer I would detoxify my system by for a couple of weeks or so by juicing and then follow with the master cleanse before I would ever think about taking getting treatments for it.


One thing that diets and detox programs have in common is the water intake. The only difference is that when on a diet, the water is for flushing fat, and when detoxifying it is for flushing toxins. When detoxifying the body you want to use filtered water instead of bottled. Believe it or not, filtered water is healthier for you than bottled, plus you will save money. You can get a water filter for around $15 bucks. Drink as much as possible, at least 1/2 a gallon a day

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