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  1. I weigh 137 pounds and I really want to lose some weight, because I’m extremely embarrassed to go swimming. I know there’s really no “fast” way to lose weight, but what can I do to lose weight? I always drink water instead of sugary drinks, and I do 100 sit-ups and ballet squats before I go to bed every night. Any other important tips and exercises I can do for great results? Oh and I want to lose fat on my stomach, hips, and I want to tone my legs.

  2. i wanna lose weight as fast as possibe. everyone says that more that 2 pounds a week is unhealthy but i wanna stretch that a little and go for 3, not too bad but in doin everthing i can but i knoe i cant starve myself. i knoe how to eat healthy, low cal fat and carb but i just wanna knoe if anyone has any little tricks i might not knoe about. thanks for your answers.

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