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  1. has anyone else worked for bebe as a seasonal stylist recently and been told they would recieve 10% commission from their total sales instead of the regular 5%. they said we would get paid after 12/31/09 and they never paid us our commission and now say we dont get 10% of our sales but 10% of our hours! has this happened to anyone at other bebes? ive been told that it has and am trying to find out some more info.

  2. Justwanttobeslim says:

    Congrats on the loss!! what is the mrs. herdums thing about?? It will be okay! I know you can do it =) don’t sweat too much over wearing the shirt…it really helps! and it’s better than just underwear lol. like me lol!!

  3. ShrinkUniversity says:

    @Justwanttobeslim Thanks for your support… My husband would be sooo mad at me if I put myself on youtube in my bra and panties. Kudos to you girl!!! You are doing awesome!

  4. purpleserenitymimi91 says:

    Awesome Stormie, you rock sista. Love Melanie

  5. Karitiful says:

    WTG!!! You’re doing awesome. What is the challenge you spoke of? I joined the Shayloss one, but would be up for another longer one. 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  6. vict88oria says:

    Yay! Stormi you are doing so great…very inspiring! Keep it up. I pray that 2010 brings you much success! God bless you!

  7. kitik2010 says:

    Go girl i am so happy for you!!!!! good job with the 8 pounds !!!! keep it up!!!!!!!

  8. jenna2390 says:

    You are doing great! Congrats on the 8 pounds in the past month 🙂

  9. 100poundsin2010 says:

    great video I just subed please do the same I am going to be makeing videos starting this week.

  10. MysteryW8LossChick says:

    Hi..I have to say your video inspires me. I just started my weight loss journey and posted my 1st video…please add me and subscribe and I will do the same and hopefully we can support each other.

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