Many people are successful in every other area of their lives, EXCEPT weight loss.

Do you know anyone who is smart, capable and talented, yet stops themselves from the level of success they are capable of?

Have you ever questioned yourself in that regard – if I am so smart, why do I keep getting in my own way?

Self sabotage is a difficult concept to understand, but an important one in the psychology of weight loss. Success is not a matter of having enough smarts, motivation or discipline.

It can be a matter of allowing your own success.

Absurd, you say?

Why would you not want to be successful? There are benefits of keeping things the way they are . . . of NOT changing. There’s always a downside to making changes in your life, even positive changes. If you think about it carefully, you will realize that it’s true. For instance, you may have to handle compliments or unwanted attention from others. You may feel pressure to maintain your success.

What we want can also be what we fear.

For instance, if you lose weight, are you afraid that: . . . you will only gain it back, so why try?

. . . or that others will make remarks, you will get unwanted attention?

. . . or that you won’t ever be able to eat your favorite foods again?

. . . or that others will be jealous or resentful?

. . . or that you’ll have to be perfect from that moment on?

. . . or that others will expect more of you?

. . . or that you’ll be different from your friends and family?

If this idea still seems far-fetched, consider how easy it is to sabotage yourself in other areas of life.

How many of these statements can you identify with?

1. I have read a lot of self-help books, but nothing seems to change . . .

2. I am in a job that doesn’t allow me to use my full talents or abilities . . .

3. I try to be all things to all people . . .

4. I am forgiving of others, but I can’t accept any less than the best from myself . . .

5. I feel guilty about saying “no” . . .

6. I find it impossible to ask for help . . .

7. I have a low opinion of myself, even though others speak highly of me . . .

8. I am afraid to ask for a raise or charge more for my services . . .

9. I often feel that I’m not doing enough, even though I am exhausted at the end of each day . . .

10. I want to succeed, but never seem to have the patience to follow through . . .

Have you given yourself full permission to succeed? And are you ready to have success and any changes it may bring into your life?

Take a look at your fears and KNOW that you will be able to handle any consequences that come as a result of your success.

Have it be ok – and you are paving your own road to freedom. Trust yourself to be able to handle what comes. You can.

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    If you need permission to succeed in your weight loss or other areas of life, feel free to ask

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