Even though the obesity rates in women have leveled off in the last ten years, at about 60%, overweight and obese women face increased health risks that are critical to address, and focusing on significant weight loss is the best way to quickly reduce risk. Weight loss is particularly important for women who tend to carry extra weight on their belly, in the typical “apple shape,” because those are the women at the highest level of risk because of the way their bodies store fat encourage a disproportionate release of hormones that contribute to bad health.

Women who are overweight are at an increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Recent studies have determined that the excess fat stored on a woman’s body also triggers hormonal imbalances that can lead to infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, irregular menstrual cycles, migraines, and exacerbated PMS and PMDD. Using hCG is a very effective treatment for weight loss in women when standard protocols, including a very low calorie diet and regular stretching exercise of 15 minutes per day or less, are combined with the injections.

Weight loss is the number one way to reduce the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes and hCG weight loss is a safe and fast way to regain control of your health. Often, patients who lose weight are able to stop taking high blood pressure and diabetes medicines and can reduce blood pressure to a health level. As well, hCG protects your lean muscle mass while encouraging your body to release fat stores, making it possible to actually increase lean muscle through weight lifting and aerobic exercise after losing fat, resulting in a significant and rapid transformation of the body. As lean muscle mass increases, the resting metabolic rate also improves, making it possible for your body to burn more calories while at rest.

Because the hCG injections control your body’s response to the lower calories, you do not feel as hungry or weak when significantly reducing your intake of food. And because of the release of such a significant amount of stored fat, your body typically adjusts very quickly to less calories because there are so many released stores of calories your body has available. When you have finished the protocol, your hypothalamus is able to reset and will continue to promote less fat storage, making it possible for you to maintain your weight loss with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Women who are overweight and want to lose weight as quickly as possible without enduring the risks associated with invasive surgeries should consider hCG weight loss as an alternative. The injections are done with a fine needle and cause virtually no pain, and the results can achieve with hCG weight loss are significant and dramatic. Most women report losses of at least up to one pound per day without feeling tired or hungry, and as the weight loss continues, it becomes easier and easier to stretch more, eat less, and make significant changes to your lifestyle that promote continued health.

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