On your way to work today, I’ll bet you saw a movie poster, or maybe an advertisement for a new perfume. I’ll also bet that the people depicted on this poster had slim, attractive bodies. The next time you see such a poster, look about you. How many of the people can you see actually have a body that is as slim and attractive as that on the poster? Obesity is a growing problem in many developed nations, as well as an increasing issue in third world countries.

The onset of obesity can be for numerous reasons, but it is closely linked to eating habits as well as lifestyle. There is a certain amount of common belief that it is also carried within the genes, although academics are currently divided as to whether this has any scientific fact behind it. Increased weight and obesity have a large demographic – it can affect any age group, ethnicity and strata of society.

Doctors prescribe hitting the gym to counter the onset of obesity, but the fast-paced and cluttered lifestyles of many people do not allow time for regular exercise – and making children exercise regularly can often be a daunting task for many parents.

It is important, therefore, to consider the factors that lead to weight gain and obesity. In many working professionals, improper eating habits can have a very adverse effect on their weight. The quick snacks between meetings, although filling in the short-term, can have an adverse effect on the long-term health issues. Many children of these working parents also find themselves skipping proper meals and taking refuge in junk foods, which are often high in saturated fat and can take a lot longer to burn off.

The lifestyle of children in today’s society is not geared towards regular exercise and proper diets. Most children would choose the new video game than exercise nine times out of ten, which can make them lazy and it becomes easier for the fat to accumulate in their body.

The parents of these children also find themselves gaining weight easily, as their fast-paced lifestyle means that they do not often stop to consider the longer-term effects on their health. They are often more inclined to go for the short-term answers which can often do more harm than good. A prime example of this is the belief that wearing an extra layer of clothes whilst exercising can make you sweat more and therefore lose weight. In actual fact, all you are losing by doing this is water, which can make you dehydrated and therefore cause harm to the body. Also, as soon as you take a drink of water you are replacing the fluid that you lost and the whole thing becomes pointless anyway.

As an alternative to the exercise regime, many people turn to weight-loss pills that are widely advertised as “miracle cures”. Like nearly everything that is too good to be true, they are often too good to be true!!!

These diet pills, as they are commonly called, work by burning up excess calories and releasing chemicals that act as appetite suppressants. The danger in taking these pills is that they can often burn up calories that you would need in a normal working day. The body requires a certain amount of calories in order to function normally, and without these calories the body can shut down. Side effects include nausea, dizziness, and even long-term damage to the kidneys and liver.

By far the most effective remedy for weight loss and obesity is a regimented lifestyle – eating healthy foods at regular intervals and plenty of exercise!

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