1. The Villain says:

    She doesn’t want something really girly. Her style is more punky or rocker style. Any ideas? Please include links if you can. And please don’t let it be too dress up or too girly. Thanks.

    Please no stupid comments like “Omg, she shouldn’t be dressing punk” or something like that cause those comments really annoys me. Thanks

  2. nananaAri says:

    ahh! you are pretty awesome too vince! heck yes to more dates mmhmm! <3
    glad to see you happy and well.

  3. kristine0002 says:

    jeez i am so pissed at you vince for not commenting!!!

    just kidding 🙂 it makes me so happy to see you feeling so great about yourself and that you are more open and comfortable around people. you have come so far and you deserve so much vince. and i know you will be at your goal in no time. especially with all that weight training and cardio! keep going strong and i look forward to your next vid <3you

  4. vegasbaby92 says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. “It’s All About Cardio..*itches.” Love it, love it, love it. From one cardio man [myself] to another cardio man, let me say, “I love it, love it love it!!!!!”

  5. justacameragirl says:

    I commend you on maintaining which is the hardest part and still losing!

  6. theshrinkingnurse says:

    yay a shirt 🙂
    ariana and you are so cute! i love you both!!! 😀
    i’m happy you are happy! xD
    i better be getting comments from you on my vids! damn you vincent! damn you!

  7. Sounds like you have it all togeather.Thats awesome.I need a big kick in the ass at the gym.I do 45min to an hour of cardio tops and a little bit of strength training.Blaaa!I usualy fizzle out by the time I get to that.Good for you!Cheers!Todd

  8. babygurl25ppp says:

    its okay we all need are time to relax:P

  9. sayonarapudge says:

    YAY! welcome back and im soo happy for u dude ur life seems to be going swimmingly! heres to nuevo amigos! Good luck this year!

  10. ghettofabarlene says:

    yay for lifestyle change! :0) great class… sounds interesting!

  11. jenGutierrez says:

    Glad to see an update, hope you really keep up with the weight lifting, it’ll help a lot! Keep up the great work!

  12. rugratstar says:

    Good to see you back around 🙂 I now life gets hectic, and I totally understand just wanting to sit around when you have free time. And with so many wonderful people in our weight loss community, it’s hard to always watch every single We know you’re doing good… and that’s all that matters. Take care Vince, and I’m so happy to hear that you are having a great relationship so far.

  13. Of COURSE Ariana is cool. She’s my baby sister!! <3
    Don't even worry about not watching videos, life takes us in different directions sometimes. Just go with it 😀

    There's too much fun to be had to be worried about how others percieve you! They either like ya or they don't. It's something I've come to grasp too.

  14. singdomiso says:

    It seems like a lot of people got in a bit of a slump at the same time. We need to help each other more than ever right now. Great job staying accountable! We can do this!

  15. Darkerfire23 says:

    203 views and 27 comments, this is how inspirating you are, I love sitting and watching dozens of video of blogs like yours, it’s just like a kick in the butt to rethink the third pizza piece you’re having on a cheat day. =p

  16. junkinthetrunkk says:

    Yay! Great weigh in! Cant wait to see you again! Woot!

  17. ShrinkinPhotographer says:

    Ahhh Vince That’s soo awesome!! I am glad you are coming out of your shell! You are a FANTASTIC person. REMEMBER THAT!! Love yourself and the rest will follow Nicol (eMinus)

  18. fightinfears says:

    I used to do only cardio. But let me tell you since I started doing weight training it helps a lot with cardio. When I run I feel like I’m more supported. My legs don’t have to do all the work. Just stick with the weight training and you will notice a difference with the cardio. Make sure you work all your muscles though. Good luck. It’s good that your feeling more comfortable with yourself I am working that right now. I’m hoping this YT thing will help me. .

  19. Frankinjessie says:

    I don’t know you, but you seem like a really great guy so I’m really glad to see you feeling diffierently about yourself and people judging you. I hope I can feel the same someday. P.S. Congrats on entering the dating world!

  20. It is ALL about lifestyle 😀 You are so correct, and that’s what I’ve been aiming for all along, just like you!

    Re: preventing cancer – most cancers that can’t be prevented by exercise, weight loss and healthy living (i.e. not smoking, drinking, etc.) can be avoided by eating non-processed/no preservatives, filtering your water, and eating organic 😉

  21. I am glad you are happy vincer. I don’t get it, you always do better when you go back to ASU, haha. You are doing good bro, now you get some abs on that new bod, haha.
    Love ya,
    Amanda 🙂

  22. serrano23fight says:

    has your skin shrunk back?
    or is muscle filling it in?
    this is gonna sound gay but have your nipples shrunk?
    please answer thanks i would like to know

  23. it has not shrunk in, I am hoping my building muscle will help fill it in…and my nipples have not shrunk

  24. Wow! You commented! holy shit! hahahaha, thank you sis! amazing! I definitely need the abs, and I hope to get them maybe by summer!

  25. drumchick34 says:

    You are awesome! 🙂

  26. how tall are you? I need to lose about 25 pounds to be right for my height 5″10. last two weeks 12 miles a day cycling, a lot of fun get out about 6am and back home, shower, dressed, breakfast for 8:30. I enjoy getting out on my bike a lot, riding along the waterfront and would recommend it over other forms of exercise. Its pleasure not a chore.

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