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  1. Imskinnyinside says:

    Don’t worry about the no progress. Atleast you didn’t gain anything back! It will come in time. Losing it slowly over time is the best way to lose it anyway. 🙂

  2. foxsmum01 says:

    It must be really stressful for you taking care of your mother when she’s having a bad time of it. (((hugs)))) Do you still need help with your camera? It’s hard to get my husband to do things, but I could try to get him to make the how to use the camera video if you still need it.

  3. kidneedonor says:

    Keep your chin up Next week will be a better week for you.

  4. PersistentTim says:

    Hang in there! You did not gain and that is great.

  5. soon2belessofme says:

    Stalls are common but while the scale may not be moving, I bet the measuring tape is. Hang in there you are doing a great job!