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  1. toysruslover says:

    I’ve always been goal driven. I’m a doctor of medicine. 51 years old.

    I feel like I’ve accomplished just about everything and right now I have no goals, and feel kind of lost.

    For awhile I created goals like skiing and mountain biking, but my recent skiing accident and the fact that I’ve been losing interest in these activities put a “damper” on my life.

    What happens to people like me as they get older? Do I have to continue to set goals? I get depressed if there are no goals for me to attain.

  2. blarg blarg says:

    How was the goal of capitalism met in the 1990s, and how was this related to the shift of many jobs from the manufacturing to the service sector?

    This is for my sociology review. Could you say that it is related to the amount of goods we are importing?

  3. 1fancynancy says:

    Pics look great!! So close to goal, congrats! I finally just made my first video, holla… anyway, check it out if you get a chance??

  4. ru2cute4me says:

    Yellow roses! Hot diggety! Love the photos at the end! Looking forward to meeting you and Rob at the M&G but you haven’t added my pic! (sniff)

  5. Serramist says:

    Love the yellow roses. Rob is so good for you and to you. I love Jimmy Buffet. If you ever met him in person he is one of the sweetest guys

  6. space8024 says:

    I am currently living in NH and I have to say that I do miss Krispi Kreme. They are probably my favorite doughnuts! On the other hand, I am glad they are not here because then, I will be less tempted! Haha.

  7. tallsmartbeauty says:

    your amazing im real proud of you…doing great..good to see some good men exist..mine bf didnt even call and made some excuses up the next day

  8. bobosmomma says:

    i love krispy creme…. all the ones in my area shut down.. boooooo! i guess that’s actually a good thing…. :O) -Renee

  9. LosPatricios6 says:

    Hey girl you LOOK AMAZING! I dont get on alot anymore so i know i missed lots of your vids But You look great and Im so happy for you! Im 5’7 as well and was wondering what the doc said are goal eight should be for us being 5’7? something i never asked my doc lol i need to but i was thinking like 175 and i would look to tiny : ) im not sure though i need to ask dont I You LOOK FANTASTIC girl!!! Oh and tell your niece Hiiiii!!!! huggggs,mary

  10. vrhodes1982 says:

    Those roses are gorgie. So much better than red!!(generic) Glad you had a great V-day!! Krispy Kreme is awful!(too good)

  11. rosewolfe48 says:

    ok, Crispy cremes!!!! that Rob is out!!!

  12. Those pics are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! Congrats, you’re so close to goal!

  13. Krispy Creme has always been disgusting to me…warm doughnuts, ick!!! I am so proud of you Taunia for kicking this journey’s butt!! I can’t wait to meet you and Rob in person!!!

  14. vortexshedding says:

    Adorable pics!!! Do you have a breakdown of how much weight you lost every month since surgery? I am curious how much the weight loss has slowed, etc. Thanks!

  15. HOW CUTE ARE THOSE PICS! I love them and I know you will make your goal this week so congrats. I can’t wait to start my journey, I’m so JEALOUS!!!! 🙂

  16. DitDitDah says:

    Had no idea you could freeze donuts!

  17. Yellow roses are my favs too!

  18. aw you look so good! i LOOOVE the fricken pics, too cute!

  19. firstbirthday2008 says:

    aww Taunia you look so fantastic!!! Rob is definately a keeper!!! I am so excited to see your next video because I just know you will lose that less than 2 pound goal to your goal!!!! Good for you!!! Take care!!!

  20. You are such an inspiration! I’m thinking about coming to the event, but I can’t find anyone to come with me. Maybe I’ll just be brave and come alone. I love your videos! Keep up the good work!

  21. brandyqueenmom says:

    Yellow roses, you must be a Texas gal at heart!

  22. chrysmass says:

    Holy cow girl…you look amazing!! Miss you!! Take care – Chris

    ps…so happy for you and Rob!! I was there in the beginning!! Still dont know his music, shoes or comedian…

  23. Do you look back at pictures of yourself? I just watched your very first video. You have the same lovely spirit, but it’s really amazing how much of your soul you can see through your eyes now. Tell us how you FEEL after almost a YEAR????

  24. lunarain19 says:

    aww Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines day. Your really lucky! 🙂

  25. TrinaLee78 says:

    i LOVE YOUR PICS!!!!!!

  26. somethingotmestarted says:

    My op is next Wednesday, i,m at the nervous stage but glad that its eventually came around … your an inspiration.