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  1. Xbox360king says:

    my snake has just eaten a wood chipping along with her mouse will anything happen?

  2. johnkaiser 22 says:

    Any tips? I get sick of it chipping because it looks messy and it gets annoying to always touch it up. I only wear light colours like pink.

  3. SiMeOnWaRRiOr says:

    the Kingdom is for THE ELECT….

  4. Uaintfireliar says:

    wow the whiteman just sped up his judgement hhaaha the so called whiteman is finished.

  5. drunkanmaster says:

    Don’t take the Mark!! Using the people As Lab Rats!!.Taking Advantage of People who are in need.(nothing as changed). Don’t take the MARK!!. It will be like the virus C.C.T.V. Start off with a small amount then there every were. Problem,Reaction,Solution springs to my mind. Peace to you All & Have Merry Christmas. From the U.K.

  6. Aquilagrande says:

    Why not instead do research to CURE DIABETES – Yes becaquse diabetics ar a muliti-billion-dollar market for all those medical companies.

  7. Yeah, I like eating GIGANTIC grains of rice.

  8. ELBOSS888 says:

    Verishit is the mark, the end is near!

  9. 7Christian says:

    FYI….Revelations speaks of a montetary system that will be used in the latter days.

    “16He[antichrist] also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.”
    *This is a precursor to the MARK*
    “Book of Revelations”…
    this should answer that question of how this pertains to religion.

  10. TheIBERIA77 says:

    fox new jajajaja stupid

  11. andrew09211 says:

    aww ur soo cute, how old are u?

  12. H1ghExplos1ve says:


  13. MORALSDOGMA says:

    Expand your tiny box, or better yet get out of it.

  14. djbreeduk says:

    most are already slaves due to the fact they see themselves as a “PERSON” ,people need to research about thier rights,not the rights you thin k of most of them are privligages checkout john harris or rob maynard and John Quade 1 “The Common Law” all here on yt free yourselves,as moralsdogma says get out of the box

  15. 6 months before a replacement is needed? oh… forget that

  16. TheSayfer686 says:

    Lo fanno per i nostro bene….!!!!
    Così, naturalizzano il controllo…..!!
    Subdolamente, piano piano….arrivano…!!!!


    Fuck to verychip and New world order!!

  18. Fuck verychip stick it up your ass nwo.

  19. fuck NWO!

  20. highbreedo says:

    its going to be war when the shit goes down you………….

  21. forzaVale46 says:

    Prima li fanno diventare diabetici (dieta tipica americana), gli vendono medicine velenose e alla fine li usano come cavie per il microchip. Belli gli USA !

  22. Government will force human implant chip on you, you will have no choice but to submit to slavery, why fight? You are no longer free anyway, you’re all enslaved already you fucking retards.

  23. chupomipito says:

    quick saying fuck it and lets fight it 🙂

  24. theydontwantutoknow says:

    We don’t have a choice. Technology is currently changing to make everything RFID. People are being lured into getting implanted, but they don’t realize the extent of this implant. We will be a paperless nation. No need for paper money or coins. Touch and pay credit cards all have RFID technology.

  25. theydontwantutoknow says:

    VISA and Mastercard are following suit. If you don’t have an implant, you can’t even get paid from your workplace. Eventually you can’t even get in and out of doors without the RFID implant. You cannot travel, buy or sell anything, or do anything without the implant. There is nothing to fight here because they are not forcing you to get it. They are simply changing technology in our world so you won’t even have a choice in the matter. RFID implants are already changing our world forever.

  26. theydontwantutoknow says:

    There will be RFID readers everywhere and I mean everywhere. The border, grocery stores, hospitals, shopping malls, workplace, schools, airports, etc…
    Welcome to our new technology. Enjoy your so called freedom while you still have a little left! This is only the beginning of technology that is difficult to not only fathom, but even comprehend.

  27. theydontwantutoknow says:

    The reason why they have started placing RFID technology into credit cards, passports, hospitals etc… is so that they can eventually take all the information that is normally stored on several different cards and easily place it all on your implanted chip. This is the ultimate goal that they will eventually achieve. You cannot stop this from happening. I am making you aware of what is currently taking place. Watch as it all unfolds.