1. Dr. Jose, what is your algorithms for diabetes patient who is undergoing an elective major surgical procedure, (starting from when is the best time to admit the patient )

    Thank you

  2. Omg Omg thnk u soo soo sooooo much,,

  3. Dr jose i have a question isnt in htn control bp should be kept under 130/80??

  4. tinku1224 says:

    Great video brief and thorough!

  5. NAUGHTYBOY2099 says:

    yeah, if u have a diabetic patient, the main goal to maintain hypertension controlled is bp 130/80

  6. fornow100000 says:

    a couple of pointers. I know this is only a review but it would help if you explained he most basic concepts as you go. This way we can all be on the same page.

  7. josephmedman says:

    they give me only 10 minutes to work with on youtube. I could talk for an hour if given the time..haha..sorry

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