I love those self help books which tell you how to easily remove stains and odours, be more efficient and various other useful tips, just by using some common sense and normal household cleaning products, such as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Do you know that practically all cleaning can be done efficiently and quickly using these two amazing, totally safe and non-toxic ordinary household items?

I’m not going into this here, because this article is all about using some really common homeopathic remedies at home. But I encourage you to check them out. Just imagine, no more toxic fumes or dangers for small children or pets. Or you, for that matter.

Back to home remedies.

Just imagine your small daughter falls and cuts herself badly. She’s screaming, you’re panicking and you’ve got a flat tyre on your car. Your neighbours are away on holiday on one side, and at work on the other. The bus drivers are on strike. Your family live miles away. And you’re a single parent.

Well, you could panic some more.

Or you could ring for a taxi, which will probably take a while to come.

You might try ringing your friend, but she could be out of town. Or, at the very least, a few minutes drive away.

You drive to the local hospital.

And then you wait…

Don’t you just love the wait?

You could be dying, for all most hospitals seem to care. They seem to be more interested in your private insurance cover, or your next of kin – great feeling of confidence.

Now supposing you had a small kit of common homeopathic home remedies, with an instruction sheet.

You could quickly get that out, run through the ailments section and pick the appropriate remedy for the wound.

That might take a couple of minutes.

Almost like magic, your daughter stops screaming. With peace descending, you wash and dress the wound. By the time your friend or the taxi arrives, the worst is over. Your daughter wants to get back to playing.

You’re left wondering why you were in such a panic. But you know it was real. There’s a wound to prove it.

Homeopathic home remedies work so fast, as soon as they hit your tongue they’re working, provided you have selected the correct one.

Learning something new, like using the most appropriate home remedies in emergencies, is something so valuable for us all, if should be taken very seriously.

So, where do you look for help?

My suggestion is to find a good, regular (at least weekly) natural health or homeopathic ezine (internet magazine) to subscribe to. This way, learning becomes almost effortless. Learning which common home remedies do what, could stand you in good stead later in life.

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