1. SmirkingRevenge77 says:

    More bashing of saturated fat. Idiots.

  2. anyone who wants to know more about foods that are healthy for the heart can also check out the book “The Healthy Heart Cookbook for Dummies”. it includes great ideas for eating well at every meal and lot of recipes.

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  3. mokugin81 says:

    well done for re-writing your book.. but.. Saturated Fats R Not The Bad Guys!! If They were so bad as u say why Nature would put them in meat fish eggs dairy and as u did mention nuts seeds avocados virgin olive oil? This last one in 100gr contains more sat fat then 100gr of any meat!! if the fat comes with the food in its natural state then its good for us!! any fat!! The Bad Guys r sugar and Carbs!!! This Is TheTruth!!!

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