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  1. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    I want to build upper body muscle mass. I know that the best workouts for building muscle mass are high weight/low rep type workouts, but what kind of weekly workout should I do?

    Should I do one day of benching and curls with 3 sets of 5 reps, then the next day do something like triceps and squats with same amount of sets and reps and repeat these two processes throughout the week?

    I do not have access to a gym, only a weight bench where I can bench and do arm/leg curls and squats. Not sure what other kind of excercises I can do with this setup.

  2. zoeyrawkz says:

    No, you still need to eat meat. Look for trusted organic sources and you should be fine. Shouldn’t be even drinking milk in the first place. It’s meant for calves. Are you a calve?

  3. girlsrus21 says:

    My son was born with a rare complex heart disease and died aged 2 – explain that one????

  4. Eggs are fine aboss113 music. I’m not even going to go into this mainstreem doctor disinformation.

  5. aboss115music says:

    all but red meat is okay. And you shouldn’t pass one small piece of chicken breast daily.

  6. aboss115music says:

    That is a good idea for your own good, because you will lose the argument.

    btw you and me, eggs are not the worst of them. Milk and red meat are far worse.
    But I would recommend someone freshly-caught fish over eggs anyday. Also, you can eat eggs, fish, or chicken as long as you don’t go over 20g daily of animal protein.

  7. @aboss115music – Ha sure I would.

    – BTW you and me eggs (free range) are the best of them out of all. This and fish are about my main consumptions of meat.
    Your animal protein fanatic arent you. I dont always agree with you about this stuff, but I can never knock an abnegative eating person as yourself. My main problems are first the herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides and heavy metals these cows and chicken and other farm animals eat. continued

  8. @aboss115music – and milk from cows weren’t ment to be consumed by us but by baby cows. This is a nutritional imbalance.

    I dont hardly eat red meat at all. It took me a while to convert, but when you get away from the fast food industries addictive MSG, the urge to eat these things is like a thing of the past. People eating high fiberous foods are said to diminish their chances of these lymphatic cancers by 40%.

  9. This Doctor is a poster child for CAD. He needs to lose weight and fast. I went around heavy like him until my LAD artery became 90% blocked. I’m now a vegetarian with the exception of a small piece of fish a couple of times per month.

  10. MIKESOWELL says:

    @jemahon4 not every overweight person develops severe CAD.

  11. I never said “every overweight person develops severe CAD.” Just as I’m aware that all smokers do not get CAD or lung cancer. Although he is clinically obese, not overweight which puts him at a greatly elevated risk of developing CAD if he does not already have it. I stand by my comment that he is a poster child for CAD. “Physician heal thyself.”

  12. xboxplaya420 says:


  13. DannyHHyde says:

    I’ve lost my weight, only 230 pounds at 5’10’. Now I should be fine, especially considering my longevity.

  14. i get sporadicly pain in my heart, it hurts alot
    anyone knows what the cause can be ?

  15. VaanOfDalmasca says:

    i suffer from ectopic heartbeat. is it dangerous?

  16. VaanOfDalmasca says:

    i suffer from ectopic heartbeat. is it dangerous?

  17. PichonDeloro1 says:

    NO….. only if you had previous heart problems its harmless

  18. skirts365 says:

    Symptoms after chest exercise told me I had calcified arteries AND an aneurysm. Horse chestnut’s vasoconstrictive qualities cured the “bulge” and citric acid content of LEMONS dissolved the calcium accretions. I just stated medical heresy. BUT it worked for me as well as a water walker though not as fast. Give citric acid a chance it works by repetition if you add sugar it will fail it must be on empty stomach 2x/day for 2 months juice of 1 lemon in plain H20. Don’t bother asking any MD.

  19. Burtonianz says:


  20. Joseelico77 says:

    watch? this video to cure your dna

    The 144,000 and The Song of Moses (Part 7 of 12)

  21. joedrake1 says:

    @VaanOfDalmasca im 21 and about a month ago i started having preventricular contractions they drive me nuts.

  22. 4mAALIKcHIN4 says:

    “Dont let your emotions overpower your intelligence”
    —Slideshow by T.I.

  23. entropyfu says:

    I’m not taking any of Dr. Fatso’s advice, that’s for sure.

  24. He’s not that fat lol