1. simply complicated says:

    I know they test for diabetes through blood tests, but how can they tell of a person has type 1 or type 2? I have type 1 and I was wondering.

  2. AllyGirlDiabetic says:

    I also have diabetes and i live in canada too. im 12 and have had it since i was 9. I was diagnosed on July 30th 2006. Of corse it had to be in the middle of summer. I get 4 neddles a day. Sure it may be hard but life goes on. The hardest part is that people actually make fun of me at school. That made me cry for like so long. 🙁

  3. type1awareness says:

    I’m so sorry that kids have been cruel to you. Know that you’re not alone!

  4. Scosche4109 says:

    oh ok thanks i was just wondering

  5. moviedirector034 says:

    im a type one diabetic too

    i got it when i was 8

  6. lasmanmom says:

    Thank you for your truly beautiful video and commitment to raising awareness!

  7. type1awareness says:

    Thank you. I feel so strongly about getting the symptoms out there. We were not aware prior to diagnosis really either. I’m very passionate about it now.

  8. aoshortstuff10 says:

    that video was so good.
    i have a question….how did your son do in a senior in high school this year i have had type one for 9 years and im really nervous (as is my mom) about going away. do you have any advice?

  9. gangmadman says:

    hi guys
    i think i mite hav type 1 please help
    okay these are my symptoms
    aces and pains in stomach and shoulder
    get thirsty all the time
    lost a full stone in the last 2-3 weeks for no apparent reason
    feeling tired a lot
    can’t concentrate on things
    feel unwell everyday
    needing to urinate 10-12 times a day

  10. aquiltedsmile says:

    this video is beautiful… it almost made me cry. i, too, was diagnosed type 1 diabetic almost 2 years ago. have been hospitalized with dka when i was diagnosed and also 2 times after that… i actually just got out of the hospital 5 days ago for dka & acute renal failure. i’ve realized it’s something i just have to deal with if i wanna live a long & healthy life.. & things like this help me realize that, so thank you. really.

  11. HadesOnEarth says:

    If I may make a correction.

    Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease.

    This means your immune system mistakes a component of your own body as an invader.

    Meaning it was the immune system that attacked and killed the beta cells produced by the pancreas.

    Type 1 doesn’t attack your immune system at all, type 1 is the end result of your immune system attacking the pancreas, et al.

    Might be a responsible move to make that distinction in your video.

    And great vid BTW.

  12. HadesOnEarth says:


    To achieve the best control, you should not be put on a set MDI(Multiple daily injections). Your MDI should change daily depending on healt, activity, carb intake, etc.

    You should inject to cover everything you eat, all carbs.

    You need to see an edocrinologist, since general practitioners aren’t specialists and they usually get diabetics going on the wrong path.

    Take care…

  13. HadesOnEarth says:


    I also made the point that Type 1 has nothing to do with the disease attacking anything. It is auto-immune.

    Type 1 is the result of the immune system thinking your pancreas and beta cells are invaders.

    I mean alot of people think Type 1 is some form of aggressor, thusly creating itself, before it even exists itself.

  14. type1awareness says:

    My son was/is doing wonderfully. Have a sick day plan and have supplies for such. Always keep something with you for lows. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully too. Enjoy!! 🙂

  15. type1awareness says:

    I am not a medical professional. Please see a medical professional.

  16. type1awareness says:

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. I apologize my wording is not perfect. I do state it is an autoimmune disease.

  17. Wow. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 14 years ago (I am 21 now) and my parents haven’t made me such touching Youtube video like this one. I may have a have a chat with them. LoL. I am glad your son is well because glucose levels that high are extremely dangerous. I give him my best wishes. Thank you for getting the message out about type 1. It means a lot to me for obvious reasons. Please continue what you are doing, its fantastic.

  18. I was diagnosed 14 yrs ago,and yes leaving for college was very scary.The best thing to do is to sit and talk with your roomate/hallmates.Explain the disease and ask them to keep an eye you.If they are anything like my freshman year hallmates, they will worry about you more than you worry about you.

    Call your parents often with updates. DON”T get lazy with checking your glucose levels, your true friends will wait for you before dinner and going to parties. And please be careful with alcohol.

  19. jess56781 says:

    Ive had diabetes for 4 years im 11 almost 12 and i got diagnosed when i was 6 (almost 7) and sometimes it is tough…. but you just have to live with it and hope for a cure and dont give up!! My dad is one of the top fundraisers in the country for the American Diabetes Association and weve been doing it for i think 4 years now… and we do the JDRF walk to cure diabetes… so my family is pretty involved! Just make sure you take care of yourself And live to the best of your ability

  20. daviduk1492 says:

    does diabeties lower life expectancy

  21. type1awareness says:

    Well- controlled diabetes is the leading cause of nothing.” Dr. William Polonsky, PhD. Diabetes Behavioral Institute.

  22. lynnwexler1 says:

    i was diagonsed this year and we are still putting the video together, cann’t wait until it is ou.

  23. ItsJustJasmine says:

    ohio state? omg i live right by there

  24. JerichoDawg says:

    really? my endocrinologist said I had to wait one year with normal A1Cs before I could go on it.

  25. type1awareness says:

    My son’s endo put him on an insulin pump right away to help him in blood sugar management. With ordering, insurance paperwork, and training he had it on within a few weeks of diagnosis. It’s an excellent tool.

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