1. xiM Clutch says:

    1) i do not fully understand what carbohydrates are?
    2) How do sugars turn into carbohydrates?

    Please use your own words to make it more simple, clearer to understand!

  2. AnatomaniaK says:

    American Diabetic association vs. Mr. Holistic doctor. Very tough choice to make.

  3. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    Actually, it’s not. If you want medications that only mask your symptoms and dietary advice that is passe, follow the ADA. If you want to manage with less medications and a better diet, follow mine.

  4. EmPenfold says:

    Totally agree that the ADA has some funny ideas… their diet is killing people 🙁
    You say in ‘most’ cases Type 1s take insulin – don’t ALL?
    Carbs are what diabetics have trouble with. We know that much for sure, so why oh why must so many organisations & doctors promote eating so many carbs? Where is the sense in that?
    Your down to earth video is great – Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. scriabinetude says:

    Does the low-carb diet advice also apply to non-diabetics? Isn’t it true that most heart disease is caused by post-prandial glucose excursions (among diabetics and non-diabetics alike)?

  6. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    You got it!! I have eaten low carb for 35 years. No high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, no blood sugar problems, no weight problems….and my father died of heart disease.

  7. AnatomaniaK says:

    Your points about managing with less medication and better diet do not directly contradict masking your symptoms. So, what is the point? Do you cure diabetes?

  8. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    You missed the point. Worst case is less meds and better blood sugar control. Yes,…not me, but this dietary advice will normalize blood sugar easily because you simply are not eating as many foods that break down into sugar…and, blood sugar goes down. Diabetes doesn’t need a cure, it needs a better diet.

  9. How is ketosis related to Type I diabetes?

  10. How about kangen water. Ive heard many good things with diabetes and kangen water. Btw im a type 1 diabetic.

  11. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    Best explanation would be to Google that.

  12. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    Type 1 Diabetes is an insulin and diet issue. It has nothing to do with ionized/alkalinized water.

  13. I say that because I have heard,saw , and read hundreds of testimonials from people with a wide variety of problems. In japan they have done tests using this kind of water and it seems to help diabetes. Lol, I dont know yet, im gonna try it very soon and Ill tell you if it went well for me or did basically nothing.

  14. For the record, I am a Type 1 diabetic, as well as a medical student. Diabetics NEED to decrease/eliminate their intake of Simple carbohydrates, as contained in soda and candy. Complex carbs, though they eventually are metabolized to simple sugars, are easily handled by a basal insulin, such as the glargine suspension. It is also important to realize that the brain runs ONLY off of glucose, and doesn’t need insulin to enter the cells. Increasing fat and protein in one’s diet can be …

  15. beneficial, if done properly. A diabetic who increases protein and fat in their diet must make sure that they exercise to avoid gaining excessive weight. Excessive weight gain will lead to insulin resistance, and that is a bad thing. Realize that intake of fat and protein need to be done in a manner to promote a healthy body weight and proper blood chemistry (cholesterol, etc.). Follow your PHYSICIAN’S advice regarding diet, not that of a DC on youtube.

  16. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    Perhaps you should switch Med schools as you have wrong info. When the brain is deprived of insulin, it dies. Insulin has a major role in the brain. Increasing fat and protein does not on it’s own…cause weight gain, especially when carbs are low. Please get back to us when your education is complete and you have a few years of treating patients from a more natural, holistic perspective. Your prejudice against DC’s shows ignorance and is why doc’s like me have a career as folks search the web.

  17. purplehazygurl says:

    Your advice helped alot, exactly what I’m looking for.

  18. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    You have so many misconceptions…where to begin? Simple and complex carbs both break down into the same glucose, only difference is complex does that more slowly. As a med student, I understand your confusion about patients not wanting basal insulin or other meds given to them. It fries your brain because you are steeped in the old mindset of drugs being the answer. The folks reading this are looking to get away from drugs, not use more. Re-read your textbooks…the brain dies without insulin.

  19. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    Since you have no clinical experience, you have not seen patient after patient eat more protein and fat and NOT gain weight…it’s the carbs, silly!. Follow a physician’s advice….Why? Where did they get their nutritional education? Where did they learn about holistic therapies? Some have, but most still use the passe advice of drugs and low fat diets. Shame on you guys for perpetuating the condition and sentencing your patients to a lifetime of diabetes and eventual heart disease.

  20. morwen555 says:

    ALL type one diabetics need to take insulin though, sorry if I misunderstood you but I thought I heard you say that not all of us (type ones) need to take insulin. =/

    Type twos don’t need to take insulin however, as i’m sure you know. 🙂


  21. asktheholisticdoctor says:

    Once again…better switch med schools.

  22. what are the symptoms of adult onset diabetes?

  23. piddleton says:

    Where are your responses? Has he edited them out. Do not listen to his advice. If you are a diabetic listen to a qualified doctor instead. His advice demonstrates an ignorance about the underlying physiology of metabolism… and anybody that gets personal during a scientific argument should not be trusted because clearly they are going on the defensive.

  24. ty99999returns says:

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