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  1. Why alpha-lipoic acid and not R-lipoic acid the natural form which is more biologically active than the S (alpha) form?

  2. BooKittyRadley says:

    Very good question, and I too would like to know the answer.

  3. Chews4HealthJB says:

    Chews-4-Health contains Goji, Mangosteen, Acai, Noni,Pomegranate, Blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry,Kelp, Nori, Dulse and Bladder Wrack,
    B12, Folic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Resveratrol

  4. kovacsandras says:

    R-ala IS lipoic acid in vivo. The S part just floats around without doing anything in particular. R-ala is the “natural” version in the strict sense. But its very unstable and poorly bioavailable unless in NaRALA form, in case you didn’t already know…

  5. I’m taking 200 mg of stabilized R-Lipoic Acid (the “Na-RALA” form) plus 600 mg of Alpha-Lipoic Acid with added Biotin in
    addition to other potent nutrients.

  6. swastedcat says:

    i am taking Vitager, it;s really effective and safe. all ingredients are all natural so i dont worry about side effects.

  7. islamrapesthemind says:

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  8. islamrapesthemind says:

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  9. islamrapesthemind says:

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  10. Great Info. Along with alpha lipoic acid, Resveratrol in red wine and the skin of grapes has also been studied for its anti-aging properties. I personally take both supplements daily along with 14 other natural whole food ingredients. The great thing is that it all comes in one Chewable!

    ChewsYourHealth (dot) blogspot (dot) com

  11. robinives says:

    Great info. I have been taking alpha lipoic acid capsules for about 4 years for glaucoma. My opthamologist tells me that I’m doing better “than I should be.”

  12. js12347777 says:

    Check consumerlabs for ala supplements. A large proportion have been found to be rancid or have less than stated in them.

  13. JanieA100 says:

    @NoirO7 I highly doubt your chewable is any good. Chewables are usually high in sugar or sugar substitutes and contain only small amounts of nutrients.