Truth About High Cholesterol Statins Drugs like Lipitor

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you can’t not have seen all the commercials for Lipitor, which is a brand name for a high cholesterol drug. If you’ve seen these commercials, then you know what the possible side effects and dangers are, since they are now required by law to make them public in all commercials. However, if you haven’t seen the ads, then this article will fill you in on the potential dangers of taking the prescription drug Lipitor for your high cholesterol.

The first thing you need to know, before getting into the subject of Lipitor itself, is what high cholesterol is and why it needs to be controlled.

Cholesterol is a fat like substance that builds up in our arteries. We do need a certain amount of cholesterol in order to survive. As a matter of fact, there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. When the bad cholesterol levels start to build, that translates into more fat in our arteries. Eventually, what happens is that this fat hardens and clogs up the arteries. Imagine that fat that you drain off the turkey on Thanksgiving and drop into a cup. Check back in a day or so and it has hardened considerably. This is what happens inside our bodies. When that happens, we are prone to heart attack or stroke. What Lipitor does is reduce the level of cholesterol in our bodies. On the surface, this would seem to be something without consequences. However, as with most drugs, there are complications.

Without getting overly technical, what happens to people who take Lipitor is that, over time, usually no more than a couple of years, patients begin to exhibit symptoms similar to Lou Gherig’s disease, or ALS. This is a muscular degeneration that takes place. Studies have proven conclusively that this degeneration is a common theme in patients who are taking Lipitor for their high cholesterol.

The alarming part of this is that this is a common side effect and not something that just happens to a few patients. When a common side effect of a drug like this is so serious, questions need to be asked as to whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks. Considering that nobody has proven conclusively that cholesterol is as dangerous as modern medicine says, the risks would seem to be unwarranted.

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If you’re concerned about what Lipitor might be doing to you, there is a simple alternative to lowering your bad cholesterol level. By simply taking 2,000 to 3,000 units of vitamin C each day, you greatly reduce your risk of having high cholesterol. That in combination with lowering your beef intake should be more than enough to keep your cholesterol level normal.

The dangers of Lipitor are quite real. Consult with your doctor and get the facts.

Truth About High Cholesterol Statins Drugs like Lipitor

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  1. PhilippineMediaBook says:

    Well said and done. Fortifying these message are the studies of Dr. Ron Rosedale and Dr. Mark Hyman and recent publications by the New England Journal. Bravo!

  2. kezzazz27 says:

    Yes, he did talk about HDL and LDL, at about 2:25.

  3. kezzazz27 says:

    I’ve been on Lipitor, then switched to simivastatin. I have had serious digestive problems and leg pain since taking them — about 6 months. I’m a little worried about stopping because my doc told me it can be dangerous to stop…and would be a lifelong medication. I am just going to taper down and quit. I’m making the best lifestyle changes that I can — stop smoking, exercise, eating mediterranean type diet, and EXERCISE some more.

  4. TheKakuroMaster says:

    Yeah, I am starting to look into the effects of statins drugs because I recently started taking one. It is part of a triad of health problems I was diagnosed with: hypertension, Type 11 Diabetes, and low HDL levels. At the time, I didn’t think too much about being prescribed a statin (pravastatin) because I was in pain from the diabetes and and if the doctor said I had a cholesterol problem I took her at her word.

  5. TheKakuroMaster says:

    Funny thing, though, is that she acknowledged that my LDL and triglyceride levels were okay, but it was the HDL of 24 which was concerning her. I wonder if there are specific dietary or exercise regimens I can start to raise my HDL without drugs.

  6. firethower99 says:

    Statins do lower cholestrol, but they raise a lot of people’s liver enzymes. Not enought to cause damage but that’s what happens in most cases. I understand that some people are gentically predisposed to getting high cholestrol what happened to exercise and eating healthy. people now days just want to pop a pill and not have to work for the resluts. I lowered my cholestrol 45 points from exercising and eating right daily. It took me 8 mths but i got it down w/out any drugs.

  7. Denisehealthnut says:

    Remember the word balance when you do exercise because there is such a thing as too much exercise. That’s the complexity of this amazing machine the human body that we’ve all inherited. Balance is key… too much water, too much exercise, too much food definitely a no go.

  8. quite the low fat diet

  9. PART 1
    This video is a huge step towards the full story about stains and vascular disease. I wish to add: the many form of initial injury (cholesterol is not one of them) that provokes inflammation that sets in motion the cascade of events ending in atherosclerosis. .

  10. PART 2
    Recently statins benefit was found to be due to it’s anti inflammatory property quite modest though, on par with aspirin. Omega 3 long chain fatty acid outperforms stains by a long shot. Natural dietary and supplements of anti inflammatories and antioxidants minimize LDL oxidation as well as inflammation. Only oxidized LDL will become part of plaques but only part.

  11. litebug12345 says:

    I worry alot about the potential side effects of “big pharma” prescription drugs, I have always gravitated toward a natural alternative. For the longest time I had no idea that such an alternative even existed for cholesterol! I thought Rx was the only choice. Sterolyn is brilliant no side effects at all for me. I really appreciate this product.

  12. I was just put on zocor for high choletrohl nd I never had hcholestrohl in my life! but was involed in Katrina issues and lost my mom so stressful after that is when my choletrohl went up. I have epilepsy and anticonvulsants. I stopped the zocor it was cramping my legs and Im doing what your saying my life style
    loosing weight. Zocor I had chest pains
    Im feelilng better loosing weight

  13. a good MD will tell you the same

  14. He has good common sense I bet he would know this without any certication

  15. ourmamapapa says:

    He seems to really care about us comparing to some of those who are only promoting, selling & testing their drugs out on us.

  16. SlightlyWetFart says:

    He makes some good points but taking care of yourself is not always as easy as it may seem. I suffer with depression and sometimes find it hard getting out of bed in the morning, let alone exercising

  17. bluediver2 says:

    My cholesterol i discovered today is at 222 that really scares me i dont know what to do

  18. ballbagbaggins says:

    the thing about common sense is… its not that common!

  19. madmanatsea says:

    @bluediver2 my cholesterol level is 265 and that dosn’t scare me since I know it is my liver, but I take fish oil and eat fish like Eskimos in Greenland who have high cholesterol but eat a lot of fish FAT so NO Heart Disease in them compared to Americans!

  20. bbcweatherman says:

    My Mom and dad are taking statins prescribed by their doctor.
    This was done WITHOUT trying improved diet first.
    Someone making money?

  21. My husband had a stint put in Nov 2008 and was put on Lipitor and Plavix. He did a 180 degree turn on his lifestyle, lost 65 pounds, does cardio exercise daily and eats right. Now his cholesterol is 78 TOTAL. His cardiologist still doesn’t want to take him off the Lipitor. You have a right to make a choice for yourself.

  22. At 75 my father was pretty healthy. He was strong and had no arthritis, was mentally sharp and independent. At a checkup Dr said he had plaque in one of his arteries (from what I saw it never really bothered him). From the time he started taking statins until his death his body and mind fell apart, he died of a hemorrhaging stroke at 79. Before he died he was on oxygen, had amnesia, muscle wasting to name a few. I really wish I would have known statin side effects when he started that poison.

  23. SectorClear says:

    any health care professional will tell you: do not to stop any cholesterol-lowering drug abruptly (because cholesterol levels may rebound dangerously). if anything, they will taper it slowly