Hypercholesterolemia due to high cholesterol level

High cholesterol result in Hypercholesterolemia (dyslipidemia. It has forms of “hyperlipidemia” (elevated levels of lipids in the blood) and “hyperlipoproteinemia” (elevated levels of lipoproteins in the blood).

Cholesterol is a sterol. It is one of three major classes of lipids which all animal cells use to construct their membranes and is thus manufactured by all animal cells. Plant cells do not manufacture cholesterol. It is also the precursor of the steroid hormones and bile acids.

Since cholesterol is insoluble in water, it is transported in the blood plasma within protein particles (lipoproteins). Lipoproteins are classified by their density: very low density lipoprotein (VLDL), low density lipoprotein (LDL), intermediate density lipoprotein (IDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL). All the lipoproteins carry cholesterol, but elevated levels of the lipoproteins other than HDL (termed non-HDL cholesterol), particularly LDL-cholesterol, are associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. In contrast, higher levels of HDL cholesterol are protective. Elevated levels of non-HDL cholesterol and LDL in the blood may be a consequence of diet, obesity, inherited (genetic) diseases (such as LDL receptor mutations in familial hypercholesterolemia), or the presence of other diseases such as diabetes and an underactive thyroid.

Reducing saturated dietary fat is recommended to reduce total blood cholesterol and LDL in adults. In people with very high cholesterol (e.g. familial hypercholesterolemia), diet is often insufficient to achieve the desired lowering of LDL, and lipid-lowering medications which reduce cholesterol production or absorption are usually required. If necessary, other treatments such as LDL apheresis or even surgery (for particularly severe subtypes of familial hypercholesterolemia) are performed.

Lifestyle changes recommended for those with high cholesterol include: smoking cessation, limiting alcohol consumption, increasing physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight. A diet that emphasizes low-cholesterol foods, restricts saturated fats, and avoids trans fat is also recommended. In strictly controlled surroundings, dietary changes can reduce cholesterol levels by 15%. In practice, dietary advice can provide a modest decrease in cholesterol levels and may be sufficient in the treatment of mildly elevated cholesterol.

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  1. Meowmie707 says:

    That is a NEW one! Your liver might fail? I would have laughed in his face! Statin Drugs can DAMAGE your liver! What a dumb doctor…

    The usual line is “If you don’t take this drug you will have a heart aatck and DIE!”

  2. Meowmie707 says:

    My previous post was a response to one on page 3 or 4 where someone doctor told them if they didn’t take it, it would ruin their liver… sorry it ended up here…

  3. greatvideo2 says:

    chlorine scars the arterie walls.

  4. gouvyrock says:

    i don’t think that high cholesterol is good for my health!!!!!!

  5. When I was put on Lipitor I had severe problems! Muscle weakness and pain, far worse than my “high chol” number (220ish) Turns out I am FINE with no statin drugs… years later my #’s go up and down and I am fine. I had a ultrasound of my arteries and they are CLEAN even with high chol #’s! Its not the #’s it is IF you have plaque build up in the veins!

  6. grats! You think exactly the way Big Pharma wants you to think, now step up and volunteer to get a corporate tattoo to show your support,faith and trust in the all knowing and compassionate Pharma Industry. They are always truthful with studies and they never conceal research that shows their stuff is ineffective or dangerous. Their drugs never have intolerable side effects and Big Pharma is never wrong! /sarcasmoff

  7. Statistics show that People dont die of heart attacks anymore because of lipitor and beta blockers,, so yes drugs are necessary , who takes the risk and stop them

  8. Me too Iam scared of high cholesterol ! it is not a joke to stop medication!

  9. Lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)) is the real enemy.

    MORE VIT C -> MORE CO-Q10 -> LOWER Lp(a)

    Daily protocol to cure CVD:

    1. 3-6g Vitamin C (for CA colligen repair)
    2. 3g L-lysine (binds Lp(a))
    3. 2000mg Proline (lowers elevated Lp(a))
    4. Eliminate all trans/hydrogenated fats and heat processed veg oils
    5. 14 grams (tbsp) fish oil
    6. Eliminate all sugar & processed carbs
    7. Exercise 30min/day
    8. Eat fish, free range meats, vegetables & fruits

  10. If you find that you absolutely must improve your LDL/HDL/triglyceride ratio, get a bottle of SloNiacin (500mg/100 tab nicotinic acid) for about $12 at Walmart before deciding to use statins.

    Take 500mg to 1.5g of the nicotinic acid daily. Tell your physician if you take more than 500mg.

    Also, take 2000-5000IU Vitamin D3 gel-caps daily (not the hard tablet.) Dose depends on whether you use fish oil. Most everyone is deficient in D3. It will help stop coronary plaque growth in its tracks.

  11. All the doctors are pushing statins on the over 60s. don’t take them -take Benecol.

  12. Doctors are NOW pushing statins on CHILDREN!!!!! People have become brainwashed idiots believing all this shit from the money-making medical community.

  13. Oddball16 says:

    Great response greatvideo2! Get a shower and bath faucet filter to take out the chlorine, it DOES scar artery walls.

  14. The statin companies have started sending pamphlets to doctors suggesting to prescribe statins to obese children. There is an age limit of course, but still, cholesterol is not issue; bad eating habits is the issue.

  15. DiamondPaul2000 says:

    I like this guy. Most people don’t know that cholesterol is a necessity and your body will make it if you don’t eat enough. The problem is not cholesterol but the blood chemistry that makes it turn solid. It is normally liquid. Eggs have more lecithin then cholesterol which helps liquefy fat. Eggs are great food but not eggs from sick chickens that live in a cage and fed garbage. Now you see more and more free range chicken. WalMart has free range organic eggs that are great.

  16. clayfaidark says:

    Thank you for this information. i needed this info

  17. litebug12345 says:

    Sterolyn has brought my triglycerides down to 145 mg/dl and my LDL down to 95 mg/dl! My doctor calls me “the freak of nature,” haha. I plan to keep taking this forever. And hey, I’m enjoying my free subscription to Fitness magazine, it’s part of an overall lifestyle change.

  18. Your idiots! Cholesterol is NOT the cause of Myocardial Infarction. When did you see cholesterol plug into veins? Statins work by being an anti-inflammatory agent, that’s how they can reduce risk heart disease still they’re practically useless and talk about serious side effects! Oxidative damage is often the cause of atherosclerosis, never cholesterol. LDL & HDL are not “bad” and “good” cholesterol, they’re lipoproteins. Cholesterol is Cholesterol, not Good & Bad.

  19. jamisont1 says:

    all my family on father’s side have abnormal cholesterol levels (300~390) and they are well over 60+. (grand father and uncle lived over 80).
    all of them had thick hair, lots of hair, finger nails grow very fast, muscular for their age. I think high cholesterol is bad when you have also high blood pressure.

  20. randybrack says:

    What do you thank of the oral chellators that remove the heavy metals and clear up the plaque in the artery walls? Please comment on this subject. P.S. I hate the staten drugs that I have been taking.

  21. ourmamapapa says:

    First it was White bread then that changed to Whole-wheat bread. After that it was Oatmeal now it’s Muesli. Then it was Sun-seed oil now it’s Olive oil. Today it’s Cholesterol (causing artillery problems, etc). Christ!! I’m just waiting for tomorrow!! So that they can change that also to….. what? Saliva????

  22. Thank you so much, Dr. Bellonzi!

  23. They help clear the calcium that is in the plaque,letting the niacin burn the rest of the crap out.But you need Mag. supplements with Chelation.

  24. And most important ,you need to walk or run every other day to stay healthy..L-Arginine to help you get your blood pressure down quick before the walk..

  25. Our parents doctors ,just didn’t have the right info. So they died because it was the edge of medical dark ages.We will learn new things as they do more studies..