There are three types of cholesterol: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, which is bad. To treat cholesterol actually means to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol that one has in his/ her blood. This must be done because high cholesterol almost always leads to heart related problems or even a heart attack. The higher is your risk of having heart problems, the lower LDL cholesterol levels you must have.

There are two big and important ways that you might use to lower those cholesterol levels. The main and at hand for everybody when cholesterol is concerned is to change the way they live. This means that you should change the way you eat at first, in order to lower your LDL cholesterol level. Plenty of physical exercise is also a must in treating cholesterol. If you are overweight, loosing those extra kilograms is re commanded if you want your cholesterol level to go down. Using drugs is also another way to lower those cholesterol levels. However, drugs alone can not do that. One must also change his/ her lifestyle as well if ant results in cholesterol should be seen.

Doctors use as guideline for cholesterol levels the number of mg/ dL that one has in his/ her blood. If your goal is to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels to less than 100mg/ dl, than you definitely must start a diet. This should also be started in cases where your LDL cholesterol levels is less than that number. If the level of bad cholesterol in your blood is bigger than that figure, then drugs must also be taken together with the diet. However, there are cases when cholesterol patients must also take drugs when their cholesterol level is less than 100mg/ dl, because they have heart problems as well, or they suffer from diabetes. If the level of cholesterol in your blood is bigger than 130, the diet must start right away. If there are no results in cholesterol levels in the first three months of the diet, then drugs will be taken after, to better the cholesterol treatment. There are also many different types of diets that one cholesterol patient must use if his/ her goal is to lower the LDL cholesterol level. If you are more at risk of developing a heart problem because of cholesterol, then you should be that more concerned how to lower the cholesterol levels.

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