bull sticks for dog

Giving dog treats is a popular part of training your pet. Most of the pet owners love to pamper their dogs with treats during their training sessions or to restrain them from chewing almost anything and everything around. These days a wide range of natural dog treats that promise to be tasty as well as healthy are widely available in markets.

What are Bull Sticks?

Bull sticks are popularly termed as meat sticks, steer stix, pizzle sticks and meat pizzles. Bull sticks are one of the many varieties of dog treats available in the market. Unlike rawhide bones, in some countries, these treats are made out of the buffaloes and not from the hide. This makes bull sticks easy to digest without the risk of increasing obesity. This kind of dog treat has high protein content that keeps the pet healthy and energetic. Bull sticks are rich in taurine, an amino that prevents unnecessary health disorders in your pet.

bull sticks for dog training

Bull sticks are available in numerous shapes and sizes. Some pet owners prefer flavoured bull sticks. There are companies who manufacture braided bull sticks which strengthens the teeth and jaw muscles of dogs. Chewing of bull sticks can ward off the unwanted growth of tarter and plaque in your pet’s mouth. Some brands produce natural bull sticks without any preservatives, added colours, chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Dogs simply love to gorge on their bull sticks mainly because of the natural flavour and smell of animal flesh.

Are Bull Sticks safe?

Pet owners prefer bull sticks as a natural, safe, and healthy chew for their dogs. Bull sticks are made to ease out the chewing and teething problems of your growing puppy. Pets habituated to chewing bull sticks usually have stronger jaws and fewer cavity problems. Bull sticks last longer because they are harder than the other varieties of dog treats. Hence it gratifies the pet’s urge to keep chewing.

It is advisable that pet owners conduct substantial research before picking up a particular brand of bull stick for their pet. One should never compromise on the quality of the treat as that can wreck havoc on the health of the pet.

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