Toast With Butter

25 Responses to Toast With Butter

  1. lordfredfine says:

    very good! =)

  2. kosacheque says:

    You’re mesmerizing.

  3. obviologist says:

    Amy, Im in the middle of reading “The Omnivores Dilemma” by michael pollan, and this story made me smile, it seemed to embody all the things that pollan has been talking about in the book. the simple pleasure of real food is truly unparalleled in all of of human devices for nutritional rationalizations.

  4. genericbotface says:

    “…spray?” lmao

    Your expressions are so great!

  5. FuzzyDude7 says:

    so good!!!!!!!!

  6. gpgaal says:

    A great tale of quiet domestic revolt–it had me laughing out loud. “She’d never know.” Fantastic, thanks!

  7. Michallonghair says:

    Beautiful. Just… Beautiful (:

  8. deadlyrasberry says:

    I clicked the link accidentally… and got glued to the screen! awesome!!

  9. MisterBennigan says:

    fantastic story! well done.

  10. juanpablofx says:

    brilliant. encore! encore!

  11. StephanieSmith92 says:

    this is soo store!
    I love your accents and how you can just go from one to another!

  12. CChick25 says:

    A wonderful story!! I enjoyed every minute of it. Fantastic job!

  13. 2TearsInnaBucket says:

    That was a magnificent story, haha! Very delightful, very giddy, very heart-warming. Well done, my dear, well done. :))

  14. rys456 says:

    LOVE the pavalov reference

  15. eleno342 says:


  16. agentrapper says:

    I wanted to click away, but I just couldnt ^_^
    Amy, you mesmerize me!

  17. TheKateconner says:

    that was fantastic

  18. squellock says:

    I have seen you before Lady Friend. u are good and your teeth are really nice. Please check my accent vids out and rate me.

  19. Checkcasvp says:

    This is soooo amazing. i love your style. i write short stories aswell. i love this story 🙂

  20. mzzzhedison says:

    I’m confused! What is her accent she was born with! I don’t think it’s American because I hear some British or Irish peaking through! If I can’t figure it out, then she one hell of a talented girl.

  21. roberthenry9 says:

    She’s born in Seattle. and she is so so so amazing!!!!

  22. mzzzhedison says:

    Ok, thanks! That’s pretty sad I can’t tell being that I’m a Californian. haha.

  23. Gee40areretarded says:

    How about toast with butter and a soggy sao..!?

  24. jennavelasco says:

    when you talk, it seems like im getting used to all these accents because your speaking like ALL accents! Its amazing!!’

  25. maiamwolf says:

    hahaha. that is why I didn’t think she had an accent! thanks for clearing that up!

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